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Five Reasons Why America Is About To Become A Very Conservative Country

To read this encouraging article, click on this link.

Public School Teacher Behind Violent Antifa Group

the major anarchist groups, Black Lives Matter, By Any Means Necessary, Anifa, Black Bloc, Resist, etc. do not always show up on streets inciting fear and violence. Sometimes they are in your children’s classrooms, on your school boards, and at the highest levels of the National Education Association. If you think about it, this makes these anarchists even more dangerous than the street thugs. These anarchists are perpetrating harm on defenseless children by indoctrinating them into flawed Leftist ideology while teaching them to be anarchists. To learn about the continued corruption of our public education system by radicals, click on this link.

A Beginner’s Guide To Alt-Left Groups: Get To Know America’s Anti-Intellectual Domestic Terrorists

Today the vast majority of violent protests emanate from the Left. These Leftist groups are well-funded and organized-and far from organic. These poor fools, or at least some of them, actually believe that by creating anarchy they can destroy America and re-create a better, “fairer” world. In reality their naiveté could get a whole lot of us killed while leaving behind total chaos. That said, take a anti-acid, a stiff drink, whatever, and educate yourself on Black Lives Matters (BLT), By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), Antifa and their offshoot Black Bloc, and Occupy Wall Street, which morphed into Resist, by clicking on this link.

US Congress Overwhelmingly Approved a Resolution Against White Nationalism

A better title for this article would be “While Groups on the Right are Held Accountable for their Actions (whether deserved or not), Groups on the Left are Given a Pass”. Of course it could have something to do with the fact that a son of a well-known senator belongs to Antifa. To learn which senator and how he justifies his son’s anarchist activities, click on this link.

The Duke (University) Men’s Project (DUMP?)

Duke University is attempting to find what must be the 15 stupidest, most masochistic men in America to volunteer to have their masculinity deconstructed and then reconstructed. Oh, I am sorry. Did I say men? The article makes it clear that these cannot be “men”; they must be “male identified students”. Further, this course is offered by the Duke’s Women’s Center. If these male identified students put themselves under the control of Leftist male-hating university females (or is that “female identified students”?), they will be lucky to come away from this course with all of their “pieces/parts” still attached (that is assuming they had manly pieces/parts when they began the course). To read more, and to imagine how in the world we have arrived at this point, please click on this link.

August 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Progressive’s Scheme to Reduce the World’s Population

Charlie Gard parents end legal fight for ‘beautiful’ baby

UK Court Alerts Parents Across the Globe: ‘Your Children Are Actually The State’s’Ezekiel Emmanuel’s Reaper Curve

Americans are dying younger, saving corporations billions

Global Warming Quotes & Climate Change Quotes: Human-Caused Global Warming Advocates/Supporters

Two Hot off of the Press Bonus Articles


The Progressive’s Scheme to Reduce the World’s Population
The Progressives for decades have endlessly warned of the destruction of the planet due to man’s activities.  The fear this engenders causes naïve citizens to trade their freedom and prosperity for supposed protections for the environment. Over time the Progressive bureaucracy ultimately gains greater and greater control over every aspect of these same citizen’s behaviors.

Controlling the behaviors of the 7.4 billion people on the planet today is one tall order. But what if the Progressives could figure out ways to decrease the world’s existing population? Would that not make the micromanagement of the unwashed masses a whole lot easier? Wow, if only the Progressives could think of a series of strategies for reducing the human population on Earth-or perhaps they already have. Continue reading

June 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

Over-arching Reason the Federal Agencies Need Restored/Eliminated

Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

All would agree the Progressives had total charge of the Federal government during the Obama years. Now, thankfully, the Right is being given a spectacularly juicy opportunity to participate in the federal government. Continue reading

Americans are dying younger, saving corporations billions

The the death of Charlie Gard demonstrated the reality that the faceless Progressive government bureaucrats feel comfortable taking children from caring parents in the belief the state knows better than the parents what is best for the child-even if “the best for the child” leads directly to the death of the child. Further, it is not just the young with health problems whose lives will be cut short. The mature and old, under the Complete Lives System face the same threat. Think about the ramifications of that last statement for just a minute in regards to what that might mean to the solvency of our failing social security system. By shortening the natural lives of the mature and elderly by denying them health care options, the government will have fewer citizens for which to provide social security benefits in their later years-never mind that many of these same citizens paid into social security for decades for that benefit. How large of an incentive does this provide our politicians and bureaucrats to keep Obamacare intact?

But is support for the Complete Lives System confined to only the faceless Progressive government bureaucrats? Could major corporations outside of the government for a similar reason also benefit from these policies, and would it cause these corporations to throw even more of their weight behind the effort to not repeal Obamacare? To find out these answers please click on this link.

Republicans Press Haley Over ‘Devastating’ Cuts to UN Budget

The United Nations has been creating policies for decades designed to advance social justice (aka diversity), environmental justice (aka Climate Change), and economic justice (aka redistribution of wealth). The outcome is a weakened, chaotic America. The United Nations is not our friend.

Donald Trump and his administration understand this and are attempting-in spite of opposition from his own party-to do something about it. To learn more, click on this link.


ACTION ITEM: Defund the United Nations

To send an email to President Trump to support the defunding of the United Nations and to support the passage of Representative Mike Rogers’ bill  HR 193, please click on this link.