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Strong Cities Network Plan for Globally Controlled Police

It would be lovely if the Progressives would give up on their rabid efforts to destroy the American citizen’s right to bear arms. Sadly, as this valuable 2015 article shows, the Progressives have doubled-down by launching the Strong Cities Network (SCN). The effort, linked to the United Nations, has two main goals: establishing guidelines for the police and working toward disarming civilians. Included in the article is a plea to call your federal senator and representative to request they do not fund the Strong Cities Network. Please learn more about the SCN by clicking on this link.

South Carolina Governor sued for importing Muslims

This article is important for many reasons.

First, if the darling of the Republican Party, Nikki Haley, can be sued for abusing the wallets of the citizens in her state, in this case for the cost of importing and maintaining Muslim immigrants, are there not plenty of other governors who can be reprimanded in the same way for this or similar abuses of their citizenry? This is a step in the right direction; accountability for our elected officials

Second, importing Muslims is wildly unpopular with the majority of Americans. Yet Governor Haley continues to advance this effort. How tone deaf to her citizens is she-she who is supposedly one of the “good conservatives” in the Republican Party?

Finally, we know Marco Rubio was a willing partner with the Gang of Eight as they attempted to pass legislation to legalize the many illegal immigrants in America at the time. Rubio currently is trying to distance himself from his previous actions. Yet, Nikki Haley, a governor who supports immigration-a governor whose endorsement is of great value to a Presidential candidate-endorses Rubio. Does Haley’s endorsement signal that Rubio is still a pro-legalization of immigrants candidate? We must hope that is not the case because America’s culture, which has been terrible abused, cannot afford to allow anymore immigrants in who are unwilling to fully assimilate. To read the entire article, click on this link.

Pope Francis to Followers: “Koran and Holy Bible Are the Same”

I wish the quote in the article’s title was the only statement in this short article that makes my head explode. Sadly it isn’t. Actually it is amazing how in such a short article there could be so many statements that are just plain insane. The reader must decide for himself whether this pope could possibly be so naïve as to actually think that all we have to do to create world peace is to merge Christianity with Islam-as if that is even possible when millions of Muslims believe it is an honorable goal to kill non-believers. Of course if the Pope can perform a miracle and convince the Muslims to “play nice”, it does remove on huge impediment to the creation of a One World Order.

To read the article, click on this link.

Supreme Court puts Obama’s power plant regs on hold

27 states and a number of trade groups have worked their way up through the court system in an attempt to obtain from the Supreme Court a stay to prevent yet another environmental justice rule, the Clean Power Rule, from crippling, through excessive regulations, the coal industry. As the title of the article indicates, the Supreme Court put these regulations on hold, which was a good thing. This stay protects states, like Ohio, who must out of necessity burn coal, from experiencing crazy expensive energy costs.

However, please note several things as you read this article. First, it was a 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court justices. Secondly, those on the Left, who were forwarding these regulations, made no effort to disguise their angry disgust with the court’s ruling-and then coincidentally (or not) Justice Scalia dies-and no autopsy is preformed. Whether these two pieces of information taken together cause the reader to question the timing of Scalia’s death, the loss of Scalia makes it much less likely that this, or any future environmental justice, ruling will be struck down. The Clean Power Rule decision only temporarily stops the Clean Power Rule from going forward. The decision as to whether it will eventually be implemented is still hanging-but now there is one less conservative justice on the court to protect the citizen.

If you have read the article The United Nations 2030 Agenda decoded: It’s a blueprint for the global enslavement of humanity under the boot of corporate masters, you are aware that there are 17 goals that must be achieved by the Progressives by 2030. Keeping that in mind, please note in this article is found the following quote.

“The (Clean Power) plan aims to stave off the worst predicted impacts of climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants by about one-third by 2030.”

Again, is the use of the year 2030, just another coincidence, or further evidence the Progressives are in this game to win-regardless who they might have to take out- and the plan is to put the last nail in America’s coffin by 2030?

To read the full story, click on this link.

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

Ann Corcoran in this 4 minute video sounds the alarm about the Hijra. The Hijra is the Muslim practice of taking over other countries through invasion. Please learn more about this topic by clicking on this link.


CLEAN POWER PLAN: EPA foes threaten Supreme Court battle to freeze climate rule

The EPA has yet again created another rule, the Clean Power Rule, to cripple, through excessive regulations, the coal industry.  27 states and a number of trade groups attempted to obtain a stay to prevent the EPA from implementing these regulations.  To learn whether those in opposition to this new EPA rule were successful and to learn more about these regulations which, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, will increase the cost of your electricity, click on this link.

To learn exactly how these regulations affect your state use this user-friendly interactive map by clicking on this link.


The Investigative Project on Terrorism 1 America’s Refugee, Asylum, and Visa Waiver Programs: Our Entire Access System is Broken

Most Americans are very worried about our immigration policies; especially those involving immigrants from the Middle East. Common sense tells us, if immigration is not controlled, America will be transformed as our traditional customs and values are replaced by those of immigrants who are unwilling to assimilate.

Complicating this is the reality few of us understand the  various ways these immigrants reach our shores. To help clarify these concerns, please read this report which will examine three potential points of entry into the U.S. – the Visa Waiver Program, the system for admitting refugees, and the system for granting asylum – to show how terrorists are taking advantage of weaknesses in each, and will recommend how each can be repaired. To do so, please click on this link.

Islamic Threat (Video)

Across America the Islamic migration/invasion is being defended by invoking religious freedom and diversity. Certainly Islam is about religion, but it is also about a lot of other things-many which go against America’s core beliefs. PLEASE watch this 5 minute video to learn how you can convince others, especially diversity-loving liberals, that to support Islam is to abandon liberty, free speech, women’s rights, human rights, religious freedom, gay rights, and critical thinking-not to mention advancing fascism. To watch this very powerful video, please click on this link.

To watch a 2 minute video, which clearly shows that even our states, through wrong-headed policies,  are willing to discourage assimilation of Muslim immigrants click on this link.

WATCH: The Anti-Migrant Video Going Viral Across Europe

Alongside the Agenda 21/sustainable development world being created by the extreme Socialists and Communists on the far Left is a parallel universe. This parallel universe is also being driven by Progressives-people who understand that the goals they wish to achieve may take generations. Like the Progressives on the extreme Left these folks will do virtually anything to achieve ultimate victory. Finally, like the Progressives on the extreme Left, these people wish to take control of all the people on the Earth and all of their behaviors. These people are the Muslims around the world who are committed to the Jihad.

We who understand Agenda 21 know that it is critical for the developed countries, especially the United States, to be weakened financially, culturally, and militarily in order to make them less able to defend themselves from internal and external forces. Once this is accomplished, it is much easier to create a new Global Order. If you are a fan of a One World Order, this actually makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is where the Islamic Terrorists fit into this. Certainly Islamic terrorism aids in destabilizing the world, which in turn should hasten the creation of a New Global Order, but who in their right mind actually believes that the Muslim world will “play nice” within this new global framework? While the global elite of the world are pushing for a New World Order based on sustainable development, the Islamic terrorists, as shown by the articles and videos provided in this newsletter, are committed to the destruction of the Western civilization and the creation of a World Order based on shari’ah law. These two philosophies, one where we will live barely subsistent lives in order to protect the environment and one where we will be forced to convert to Islam (or perhaps part ways with our head), are mutually exclusive. Who will win? Hopefully neither, but that depends on whether we, the American people, educate ourselves, not just about Agenda 21, but also on the tenets of Islam. We cannot protect ourselves from that which we do not understand. Nor can we protect ourselves simply by knowing where the threats lie. We must use whatever resources we have available to push back against both of these ideologies that pose such awful threats to our culture, liberty, and our lives.

All that said, the immigration of Muslims into Europe and elsewhere is not immigration. It is invasion. The Muslim term for this type of immigration/invasion is Hijra. The goal of Hijra is to subvert and subdue non-Muslim societies and pave the way for the eventual, total Islamization of the host society.

If you have any doubt of this, please watch this shocking 19 minute video by clicking on this link.

Quick-take for sidewalks and bike paths by government is no longer acceptable under the law in Ohio!

This story is really HUGE, but it has quit a few moving parts, so bear with me.

Bike paths and sidewalks are being built all across the United States so that someday, when we are forced to abandon are cars, we will have bike paths on which to travel. However, since bike paths are really expensive the feds have done two things to get local government to agree to build the bike paths. First the feds offer grants to the local government (the money is usually funneled down through regional boards), which in theory helps cover some of the cost of the road itself. In return the local government often has to promise to use a Complete Street design. A Complete Street design requires sidewalks and bike paths be built adjacent to the road that is being built or repaired.

It is not uncommon for these extra features, which really add to the overall width of the project, to force the taking (eminent domain) of private property on either side of the road bed.

To receive and keep the grant the local government has to adhere to a strict time-table. That means, if a property owner chooses to fight the loss of their property, the time-table may be slowed to the point that the grant may be lost. This explains why some local governments have used the “quick-take” process, which allows the local government to come onto contested property and get on with the project denying the property owner their day in court.

The logic has been that quick-take has been acceptable in the past to speedily facilitate the building of roads, but in recent years quick take is being used for sidewalks and bike paths, too.

In Perrysburg, Ohio this situation with a slight twist (the land was being taken, not by the property owners’ local government, but by a neighboring local government!) occurred. You can read this interesting story by clicking on this link.

What makes the Perrysburg, Ohio situation different is the homeowners who were threatened with eminent domain used the talents of Maurice Thompson Executive Director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. Thompson was able to win this incredibly important court case which will prevent quick-taking property to build sidewalks or bike paths.  This will force the system to provide property owners their day in court and make it much more difficult for the Complete Street design to be used. Thank you, God! You can read about this important case by clicking on this link.