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Mark Robinson Address Greensboro City Council on Second Amendment

This short video is flippin’ amazing. I cannot imagine any citizen giving a more effective, brilliant, or impassioned speech on the topic of gun rights than the one given by Mark Robinson. Listening to this man will give you hope for the future of America. To watch, click on this link.

Corporate Power Becomes Political Power as Bank of America Stops Lending to Some Gun Makers

Likely most people believe, if they can keep the various levels of government from bit-by-bit destroying the second amendment, their gun rights will endure. Then again, perhaps not. Certain major corporations, influenced by lobbyists, may choose to bypass the Congress and instead use their power to destroy our constitutionally  protected Second Amendment rights all by their lonesome. To learn more, click on this link.

School shootings are extraordinarily rare. Why is fear of them driving policy?

To learn how the current school gun violence debate is doing more harm than good and is more irrational than rational, click on this link.

Local student shot at school urges classmates not to walk out

In this crazy up-side down time in America, it is a real pleasure to find a young person, Logan Cole, with the integrity and courage to push back against the effort in the public schools to use the students to protest in mass against the Second Amendment. Logan is even more special because even though he was a victim of a school shooter, he did not let his emotions control his thinking allowing him to come up with a much better way of honoring those students shot in Florida’s recent Valentine’s Day school shooting. Allow yourself the privilege of hearing this young man speak, by clicking on this link.

Trump Administration Has Reduced Refugee Immigration to a Trickle

Do you know what a VOLAG is? Are you aware they receive from the federal government BILLIONS of your tax dollars to bring into this country thousands of immigrants, too many of whom are unwilling to assimilate and devoid of marketable skills. Once here, these VOLAGS sign the newly arrived immigrant up for as many free programs as possible-again on your tax dollars-only to then leave the long term unmet needs of the immigrants to their host communities-again more tax dollars consumed.

If you would like to know the names of these VOLAGS and more information about them, click on this link.

Trump’s steel tariffs protect national security, put end to $8 billion foreign aid to Canada, Mexico, South Korea and Brazil every year

Everything is a trade off. Americans must decide if they want cheap steel or national security. To help you decide, click on this link.

Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male

This is one more example of the courts and society helping to undermine the traditional, core family. To read more, click on this link.

Judge backs California bakery’s refusal to make same-sex wedding cake, citing ‘artistic expression’

It is really amazing that something as innocuous as a wedding cake could have become so important in the fight to maintain religious freedom. Once again the baking of a wedding cake made news this month (February 2018). This time score one for the conservatives. To learn more, click on this link.

Study: Each Resettled Refugee Costs Taxpayers $15,900 a Year

The next time someone tries to tell you how valuable immigrants lacking in skills are to our society, you may quote this article. To learn more, click on this link.


Sun is cooling. Are we heading for another Little Ice Age? Or Worse: Back to Ice Age?

Everyone should agree a great many factors in combination create climate. Climate is not a simple phenomenon. So, when Progressives insist the science of Climate Change is settled and is caused by man producing green-house gases, anyone with a brain should cringe. To assume carbon dioxide and methane produced by MAN’S activities have such a massive impact on climate they can over-ride all the other natural factors capable of driving climate change is way too simplistic. This relatively short article is much more fact based making the very important take-always at the end of the article about the threat, or lack of threat, of climate warming ring true. Please learn more by clicking on this link.

(Note: Please do not let the “Abstract” section under the graph scare you away. Skip down below it to the meat of the article.)