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LESSON 1: Introduction to Agenda 21

Agenda 21 CourseThis is the first lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will  learn the…

Definition of Agenda 21, a short history, and the 3 E’s

So, what is Agenda 21, also referred to as “Sustainable Development”?  It is NOT an environmental movement, it IS a political movement which seeks to control the world’s economy, dictates its development, captures and redistributes the world’s wealth on a national, state, and local level.

The process locks away land and resources from use by citizens, and plans a central economy, while controlling industry, transportation, food production, water, and the growth, size, and location of the population. Continue reading

Equality Is Not Enough

The Left is forever preaching the religion of social equity. Social equity is the need by society to give everyone everything they need to be equally successful in any given area. This in a perfect world would create equal outcome to every individual in society no matter the endeavor chosen.

In contrast equality provides everyone equal opportunity under law. It is then the individual’s responsibility to make of themselves what they will.

Today the liberals’ expound endlessly on the importance of providing every “victim of our unfair society” the opportunity to achieve an equal outcome through government sponsored programs. Unfortunately they rarely admit the only folks who are being showered with extra support are minorities and, since there is no free lunch, whoever is paying for this (those who are not minorities) become victim number one in this supposedly great equitable plan to save society. In reality equity is just another way to redistribute wealth.

Further, with all the propping up an equal outcome strategy requires a percentage of the “victims of our unfair society” being quota’d into colleges will graduate without a true competency in their chosen field. This creates victim number 2 and 3; the graduate who is woefully unprepared for the real world and anyone who is relying on the graduate to be competent.

Victim number 4 is the student attempting to get into specific colleges or specific schools within a specific college only to find the extra “points” minority students were given, prevents the non minority student from the acceptance they should have earned.

The fifth and final victim of social equity is government itself. The Constitution never intended for our government to become so embroiled with the individual that it was responsible for the happiness and success of every citizen. To burden the government with this responsibility is to destroy the very foundation on which our government was built; that of personal responsibility for our own actions.

Other than that there is nothing wrong or unfair about social equity/redistribution of wealth.

As you read the article please think about the dis-ingenuousness of its analogies. For example, when they talk about the three boys on the boxes keep in mind, while it makes sense, where the problem lies is in who provides the extra boxes needed by some of the boys. Should it be the boys responsibility to find boxes, someone else’s responsibilities (friends, family, private charities, etc.) or should it be the responsibility of the government? Your answer to that question will decide whether you are a liberal or a conservative.

To read this article, please click on this link.

Why Renewables Can’t Save the Planet

What makes this article of great interest is it contains the confession of a reformed environmentalist. This man, Michael Shellenberger, spent his entire life advancing efforts to transition our economy to one totally driven by alternative energies. As hopefully always happen, with age comes wisdom. Shellenberger does a great job of explaining why this is not even remotely possible and, if pursued, will likely do more harm than good. Further he has taken a brave stance by stating clearly which source of energy can provide the planet with a bright, viable energy-rich future. It is highly recommended this article be sent to any green-leaning friends or family to help them see the error of their environmental ways. To read this article, click on this link.

The Humanitarian Hoax of Collectivism

If you wish to read a very well crafted article, which will walk you through the past sixty years of insidious Progressivism allowing you to see how America has been brought to such a sorry state, please click on this link.

Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize . . . Everything

The end game of Agenda 21 to socialize everything so unelected bureaucrats controlled by the Leftist elites can own and control everything and everyone is no longer being hidden from the public. To read more click on this link.

The Hidden Agenda of Sustainability Illusions

A key argument given by the Left explaining why we must create environmental sustainability revolves around the idea we may meet the needs of the current generation only to the extent that doing so will not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Can you say, “BAM!” That is the sound of this article destroying that argument in a clear, concise, factually driven way. It is great! Read it, share it, and use its ideas in conversations with friends, neighbors, and legislators.  To read this jewel click on this link.

Summary of Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

Recently the author of this site read Patrick M. Wood’s book, Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, which I cannot too strongly recommend to the reader.  Technocracy Rising provides in detail the 150 years of history leading up to the current crisis in our country which now threatens to permanently destroy our representative government, our religion, our privacy, our property rights, and our very freedom. Woods does a fabulous job of providing the names of the key players and associated organizations behind this awful effort, as well as explaining how and why these seditious players are doing this to America and the globe. Continue reading

Greenfield: American Uprising

It is imperative that we remember we cannot bring America back to her nationalistic, conservative roots without putting the right politicians in the right positions. We cannot strengthen our military, create peace through strength, turn our schools back into places where our kids actually receive a quality education without being indoctrinated into the ideology of the Left, protect our national sovereignty, save Christians from persecution and exclusion, protect the Constitution from destruction, and revive traditional family values unless we put the right politicians in place-and keep them there.

For these reasons the defeat of Hillary Clinton and her Progressive agenda was critical. The victory of Donald Trump along with the continued control of the House and Senate provides perhaps the last chance to stop the transformation of America through the application of the three (perverted) E’s of Agenda 21; environmental (in)justice, economic (in)justice, and social (in)justice. It is imperative that the Trump administration reverse the effects of this horrible ideology.

For these reasons the defeat of Hillary Clinton and her Progressive agenda was critical. The victory of Donald Trump along with the continued control of the House and Senate provides perhaps the last chance to stop the transformation of America through the application of the three (perverted) pillars of Agenda 21; environmental (in)justice, economic (in)justice, and social (in)justice. It is imperative that the Trump administration reverse the effects of this horrible ideology.

Please take a moment to reward yourself for all that you did to give America another chance by getting Trump across the finish line. To receive you well-deserved pat on the back, click on this link.

The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics

This is a wonderful article which compares and contrasts constitutionalism, progressivism, and liberalism and provides the history of each. I cannot emphasize enough the value of reading this article in its entirety. By doing so, the reader will be much better able to understand what drives Progressive and Liberal thinking and recognize when the federal government of the United States is actively trying to subvert its Constitutional mandates and why.

Since it is a fairly long article, the author of this site has pared it down and presented it in her November 2016 Newsletter. This newsletter can be accessed by going to this website’s home page and clicking on the  “Newsletter” option on the right side of the home page.

As the article was summarized in the newsletter, it is hoped the integrity of the information was maintained. However, only by reading it in its entirety will you be sure to obtain the true meanings with all of their nuances. To read the entire article, please click on this link.

Obama, in final U.N. speech, calls for world ‘course correction’

Key strategies used to destroy America’s national sovereignty and replace it with globalization include keeping borders open and allowing into the U.S. immigrants who have no desire to assimilate. This creates nations within nations (aka “no go zones”). To read Obama admit his desire for globalization, click on this link.