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Wilderness Corridors: Agenda 21 Under A New Name

The author of this newsletter firmly believes her readers understand the Wildlands Project, and likely are not too concerned if its name has been changed. This article is being included for three different reasons.

First, the article leads with a very good explanation of why, even if Bambi had a massive amount of land on which to roam, the country folks still must be relocated to town.

Second, the article goes on to provide evidence that in 1998 a state government agency tried to get a local government to close its own roads to force its own citizen’s into town.”

The third reason the article is valuable because it ends with,

 “So if you live in a rural area, pay attention to some of the policies that are being carried out by local government agencies. You should be especially suspicious of anything that is done in the name of environmentalism.”

To read this article, please click on this link.

Court Blocks EPA’s Water Rule

The EPA is pushing a new rule called the Waters of the United States which would expand the definition of a navigable water to include almost any water feature on a property including ditches that are dry the vast majority of the year. If this rule goes into effect the federal government has in effect nationalized/taken control of all water in the United State (and in many cases the land that borders the water).

These waters are usually under the jurisdiction of the states. No surprise that various groupings of states challenged the EPA in court. The first of the articles on this subject discusses the only lawsuit that successfully put a stop to the implementation of the rule, at least until further studies are conducted. To read more about which group of states was successful, click on this link.

The second article discusses whether the states that were unsuccessful in their challenge of the Waters of the United States rule, will be protected from, or obligated to abide by, the rule. To learn more click on this link.



The Dark Side of Conservation Easements-Continuation of Martha Boneta’s Saga

Anyone who is familiar with Agenda 21 knows that both the Socialist and the extreme environmentalists are working to destroy private property rights. Without property we are no more than slaves. One of the strategies used to destroy property rights is conservation easements.

Keeping it simple, conservation easements are created when a land trust pays a land owner to promise to not develop IN PERPITUITY their property (in most cases just building a new barn would be not be allowed under the terms of the conservation easement). In return the land owner and his heirs are then able to stay on this land in perpetuity (which is an awful long time to restrict land to only one possible use).

You may have followed the story of Martha Boneta, who bought in 2006 acreage in Virginia that was part of a conservation easement. If so you are aware the land trust, Piedmont Environmental Council, from whom the conservation easement had been purchased, fined Ms. Boneta $5,000 dollars per day after the zoning administrator saw a picture posted on Boneta’s Facebook page of a birthday celebration given on her farm. This heavy handed treatment triggered a long contracted legal battle by Ms. Boneta to maintain control of her property which ultimately ended in Boneta’s Law. Boneta’s Law has shown a light on the abuses of conservation easements and gained a degree of property rights protection for small farmers in Virginia.

What you likely do not know is that Ms. Boneta is again back in court. To learn more about the new battle, again against the land trust, Piedmont Environmental Council, click on this link.

You also likely do not know that Ms. Boneta’s story has been made into a film that was shown at the Anthem Film Festival at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas on July 11, 2015 where it won two awards. If you would like to see a trailer for this fine video, click on this link.

You may also wish to read about a 2013 law suit filed against a horse farm, which was being operated under a conservation easement, and how just a few small changes on the farm triggered this two year court battle. If so, click on this link.

Moral of the story: beware of conservation easements and land trusts. While they may fix a short term cash flow problem, they will create restrictions for current and future land owners. More important conservation easements decrease future economic activity on the property affecting the nation’s bottom line. In addition, as more land is removed from private ownership, the cost of land and taxes on non-conservation easement land will increase. Eventually only the elite will be able to afford land, forcing the rest of us into the city, where we can be more easily controlled by an over-reaching government.

House property rights caucus to target abuse of landowners (finally)

I do not know whether to call this good news or not. Representative Tom Reed (R-NY) has established the U.S. House Private Property Rights Caucus. It is great to know that there is finally an awareness in Washington D.C. that property rights are being abused across America, and that a coalition is being created to address it, but what a shame this is so very necessary to prevent America from becoming a society where private property is reserved only for the truly wealthy and well connected. To learn more about the caucus effort, please click on this link.

Also, please consider calling Representative Tom Reed at 202-225-3161 to thank him for his efforts.

How California Went Dry (aka Demonizing Farmers)

Everyone knows the old adage, “divide and conquer”.  I am also sure that you are aware that currently our society is being manipulated in such a way as to create massive divisions; blacks against whites, gays against straights, women against men, endangered species against man, and on and on. This article provides information explaining how the drought in California has been made worse by bad policies. That is likely not news to you.

What I ask you to do, as you read the article and listen to the video, is notice how the farmers are being asked to grow their crops with less and less water, and how the farmers are being criticized for using more than “their share” of the water. This in spite of the fact that the food the farmers grow provides much of the food the citizens of California eat. If the farmer is only allowed water as if he were just a “normal household”, there may be a bit more water per household available, but those same folks in those normal households will have no food to eat.

Scarcity of food will be the very tangible outcome of pitting farmer against non-farmer and is a recipe for disaster. However, if the goals of the Progressives are to destroy property rights, force country folks into town, and create a hungry, desperate, divided population; this ought to get the job done.

Please read this article for yourself to gather more details on the cause of California’s drought and to determine for yourself if a new division involving farmers is being forwarded by clicking on this link.

Whether it is the “Garbage Police” in Seattle or Smart Meters in Maryland, the Goal is NOT to Protect you, but to Control YOU

As you no doubt know, if the left can keep environmental justice moving down the track, we will be nudged/forced off of the rural lands and into town to be monitored through the use of Smart Growth policies. Here are two examples of Smart Growth policies . To learn how the behavior of Seattle citizens are being controlled by the “garbage police”, click on this link. To watch a powerful 3 minute video on the radiation poisoning of a Maryland women by Smart Meters click on this link.

Virginia land trust’s transgressions draw legal, legislative scrutiny-Mary Boneta’s on-going fight

Mary Boneta has been fighting the conservation easement placed on her 64 acre Virginia farm by the powerful PEC (Piedmont Environmental Council) since the day she bought her land in 2006. It has been a long fight-much like David and Goliath-but the tide in the last year or so has turned in her favor. To read an update on her inspiring story follow this link.

Obama To Lock Up ANWR’s Oil

Every land grab by the federal government is a threat to state sovereignty and property rights. Late January 2015 President Obama signaled his latest land grab. To learn more about the effort by the feds to lock down the 1.5 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge along with all the natural gas, oil, and minerals underground, click on this link.

Congress’s Sneaky Tactic to Grab More U.S. Land for the Government

The 2014 mid-term elections are over and the lame duck session is doing what it does best-inserting pork into large must-have legislation. In this instance the pork is the possibility of designating 250,000 additional acres of wilderness, four new national parks and seven national park studies that could lead to more future park designations.  Like having 640 million acres of land in federal control is not enough already? To learn more click on this link.


Stealing from the Poor to Give to the Rich: An Anti-Robin Hood Story

Maybe there is nothing wrong with a country where no one owns property. After all, the socialists and communists believe that if no one owned private property we would all exist on a level playing field. That sounds fair, doesn’t it? Watch this three minute video to learn the fallacy of this kind of thinking by clicking on this link.