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(Inter) National Crony Capitalism: The NBA-China Disaster Is a Stress Test for Capitalism

Social Justice/Redistribution of Wealth: AOC’s Newest Plan To Make America Socialist — ‘A Just Society’

Environmental Justice : “Climate Change” Is A HoaxPopulation Control: Planned Parenthood Votes has launched a campaign to flip the senate and defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 — and say they will spend AT LEAST $45 million on it.

Destruction of our Education System: Newsom Signs Bill Banning School Suspensions for ‘Willful Defiance’

Prophetic: 1965 If I were the Devil by Paul Harvey

Educational: Short summary of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)
The NBA-China Disaster Is a Stress Test for Capitalism

If you read Lesson 5 at www.agenda21course.com  on the topic of Public/Private Partnerships (aka Crony Capitalism), you understand American Corporations with their massive wealth and power have long since crawled in bed with all levels of government. By doing so corporations, which supply widgets and services, now have a massive impact on what bills make it to the floor of Congress. In return the corporations sign on to advance Agenda 21 through their many social, economic, and environmental policies.

This should make those who value capitalism very concerned that the corporations, rather than our votes and desires, are determining the direction of the country and that capitalism, as it was meant to be, may not exist.

If that is not twisted enough, through a single tweet by Daryl Morey, the general manager of the Houston Rockets team in support of the Hong Kong protesters, America has been made painfully aware these same corporations may be practicing international Crony Capitalism. The same corporations, who are supporting legislation which is good for their bottom line but not necessarily good for the People at large, are at the same time denying America citizens their freedom of speech in order to avoid offending China, supporting crimes against humanity in China, and fostering a more positive picture of Communism here in America.

In other words, before the NBA/China kerfuffle most of us were only worried about American corporations being in bed with our government. Now we also have to worry about those same corporations being in bed with other governments-arguably to the detriment of the United States.

To learn more about this incredibly important and complex issue please read this thoughtfully crafted article by clicking on this link.

AOC’s Newest Plan To Make America Socialist — ‘A Just Society’

Do you remember right after President Obama was elected in 2012 how quickly massive programs to socialize America appeared. Programs allowing everyone to “afford a home” (which resulted in a total meltdown of the housing market), or be able to get cash for clunkers (which destroyed a huge number of used cars-which could have been bought by the poor and through the purchasing of more new cars poured lot of money into the car companies and their unions), and we must not forget the mother of all huge programs taking over 1/8 of the American economy; Obama care and how they choose their presenters? 

Now we have a similar thing happening. Instead of Obama revealing the programs, which will socialize America, AOC presents the new programs such as the Green New Deal and now ‘A Just Society’. Don’t you really wish you knew who really wrote these monstrosities?

All that said; do not dismiss AOC’s efforts as mere theatrics. Every time these extremists pull out a new potential redistributive program, even if it is not enacted, it fires up the Leftist base and causes some ignorant or well-meaning or Left-leaning Republican to try to create a similar Progressive-light program as an alternative creating a slow but steady creep to the Left.

To learn more about ‘A Just Society’ click on this link.

“Climate Change” Is A Hoax

If you have found your way to www.agenda21course.com , you likely already believe Climate Change is a hoax and have probably read a significant number of articles on the topic. What is more rare is finding a Climate Change hoax article that is “readable”, entertaining, and still effective at bringing out the important points. Enjoy that article by clicking on this link.

Planned Parenthood Votes have launched a campaign to flip the senate and defeat President Donald Trump in 2020 — and say they will spend AT LEAST $45 million on it.

Planned Parenthood is no friend of a pro-life President like Donald Trump, who earlier this year took away from the organization millions of dollars of federal funding. Planned Parenthood says Trump is attempting to strip the organization of its rights and access to health care. What about the rights of the unborn to quality health care and their very existence?

To read this article, click on this link.

Newsom Signs Bill Banning School Suspensions for ‘Willful Defiance’

Now what could possibly go wrong when you allow class disrupters to stay in class with other children, who just want to learn in a safe, peaceful environment? To read about another not so great idea brought to you by a crazy liberal, click on this link.
1965 If I were the Devil by Paul Harvey

Do yourself an extreme favor and listen to the melodic tones of Paul Harvey while he prophesizes in 1965 fifty plus years into the future by clicking on this link.
Short summary of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)
The goal of the 1992 United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century treaty (also called Agenda 21, sustainable development, Agenda 2030, and now the Green New Deal) is to control all of the human behaviors of all the humans across the globe. To accomplish this the Progressives all around the globe have been for many decades creating ways to control what you do, how you do it, where you go, how you get there, what you think, what you say, where you live, how many children you can have, and on and on.
The three primary tools used to accomplish this are called the 3 E’s; social equity/justice (identity politics and political correctness= politics of revenge and hate), economic equity/justice (socialism and communism), and environmental equity/justice (Global Warming/Climate Change and other environmental issues).

The Progressives are using the 3 E’s to do the following.

     Destroy our traditional Judeo Christian values.
     Destroy the traditional family unit.
     Replace capitalism with Socialism, Communism, or Fascism.
     Destroy our Constitution/legal system to create chaos and anarchy.
     Destroy private property rights in order to control where we live and deny us self sufficiency.
     Replace elected officials with unelected bureaucrats, who answer only to the unelected Elite.
     Dummy down and indoctrinate our citizen through the use of the media, our education system, and the various churches who embrace the 3 E’s.
     Elevate animal rights while creating a disdain for human life.
     Destroy our sovereignty through regionalism and elimination of borders.         
     Entice, regulate, and eventually force all citizens out of the rural areas (Wildlands Project) and into super large and densely populated, regulation-rich “human settlements” where transportation is limited to bicycles, mass transit, and walking-unless you are one of the elite. Even as you read this our large progressively controlled cities are being transformed in order to be ready to accommodate the influx of humans forced into the cities by sustainable development policies using a strategy called Smart Growth.
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