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Supreme Court Deals Blow to Obama Environmental Agenda

As you likely know, on June 29, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled the EPA must take into account the cost of their regulations on the energy industry. The Supreme Court is to be lauded for this decision. It is a step in the right direction. If the EPA can be held to this new restriction, perhaps the coal industry can survive and continue to provide reasonably priced electricity for the citizens. Otherwise, all bets are off. To learn more, click on this link.

Wyoming welder, facing $16 M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond

The EPA has been busy intimidating the property owners of America for decades. There power will only increase exponentially if the Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS), which will federalize all the water in America, is allowed to stand.

What would you do if the EPA showed up on your property and told you that you had not properly permitted your pond and you would be fined up to $37,500/day unless you filled it back in? Oh, yeh, you have several small children and a wife, all who need a roof over their head and three meals a day. Would you do the right thing and fight the EPA, since you know that you filed all the necessary permits in advance of building your pond? To learn more about how the brave Johnson family of Fort Bridger, Wyoming fought back and won against the federal environmental hammer known as the EPA, click on this link.

Volkswagen’s Electric Shock

Economic equity/justice, one of the 3 E’s that drive Agenda 21 policies, requires a strong centralized government to take control of the entire economy, one company, one sector at a time,  forcing them to do the bidding of the government. Once this occurs the free market has been replaced by fascism. This article show how over time this occurs.

You should imagine as you read this article, that the government (and its minion the EPA) is the spider, who has woven its web, and Volkswagen is the fly, who admittedly allowed itself to get caught in the web, but once there is at the mercy of the spider. The outcome is a foregone conclusion. The fly, to get free of the web, will accede to any request/demand made by the spider-anything, even the loss of its autonomy-as long as the spider promises to not eat it. One-by-one all the flies are captured and put under the control of the spider.

And that, my friends, is how a free market is turned into a fascist regime!

To read the article, click on this link.

New Septic System Regulations Advance the Wildlands Project

New Septic System Regulations Advance the Wildlands Project

The author of this newsletter lives in Ohio. On January 1, 2015 a new set of septic system regulations were enacted. These regulations apply to the estimated 660,000 homes in Ohio which have a septic system. The regulations are being pushed down stream by the EPA, to the Ohio EPA, written by the Ohio Health Board who then mandated the regulations be implemented by the each of the county’s health boards. Notice these are all unelected boards. This leaves your local elected officials impotent on the side-lines unavailable to provide interventions for their citizens.

The county health departments in Ohio now have the right, without any proof of a septic issue, to come onto your property unannounced. If you refuse, the sheriff will be called. The rules authorize county health boards to order homeowners to fix or replace failing septic systems and to turn the order over to the county prosecutor for enforcement if it’s ignored. Homeowners charged with creating a public nuisance could face civil fines of up to $100 a day and daily criminal fines of up to $1,000. Continue reading

March 09 EPA Strategy-EPA Internal Memo on Getting America to Accept Climate Change

This five year old EPA internal memo makes it clear the EPA in 2009 knew the public was either unconvinced of the “reality” of Global Warming or unconcerned about its impact.  Using this as the starting point in this article, the EPA then set out to explain their strategies to get the minds of the American people right.

Acknowledging that the use of the Polar Bear and melting ice sheets was no longer an effective emotional ploy, the EPA outlined a number of strategies to spread the message of global warming. These include “using the trades (i.e. unions) and environmental reporters” to spread the message,  increase the amount of media exposure by reaching out to media members that serve the minority communities, and upping the level of environmental terror foisted on the citizen by linking environmental justice issues to the health of the citizen and their children. If only the left, instead of regulating us to death, strategized so aggressively in order to maintain our freedoms. To read more click on this link.


Lesson 7: Regional Governments Will Destroy Our Local Representative Gov’t

Speaker's GavelThis is the seventh lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will learn …

How Regional Governments Will Destroy Our Local Representative Government and Hastens a One World Order

It is impossible to create a One World Order unless borders are completely eliminated. Take the European Union as an example. All the nations of the European Union share the same currency, have a free flow of people across their borders, have a central tax system with the means to enforce collections, and a common court system. That said, are they really sovereign anymore? Do their borders serve any function anymore? After all, there is a reason they are called the European Union. Continue reading

Lesson 6: Grants are Used as a Major Tool to Implement Agenda 21

GrantsThis is the sixth lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will learn how…

Grants are Used as a Major Tool to Implement Agenda 21

As one looks at the financial crisis in which one finds the United States, whether one sees this as a bad or a good thing depends on one’s point of view.  If the federal government wishes to create voluntary compliance at a local level with certain federal goals, would not making grants available to cash-starved local governmental entities, grants with strings attached, not be an effective way to create compliance?  Making matters worse is that the grant money the government uses to create local compliance is your tax dollars. Continue reading

Regionalism:Sneaking America Into World Governance

This is an excellently written article that explains how the federal government created regionalism with the intent of using it to replace local control and as an aid in taking our private property rights. When local government meets their short term needs by accepting grants from their regional governement, local government is cooperating in the very process that will make local control obsolete. Please click on this link to learn more. link

Regionalism-The Blueprint for Your Serfdom

This an excellent article by long time opponent of Agenda 21, Michael Shaw. He will explain how regionalism is a key strategy in implementing Agenda 21 in our communities and a threat to our representative government: link