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Want to see crazy?

This is your chance (Run, if you can!) to see bureacracy in action. This is the “Notice of Funding Availability for HUD’s Fiscal Year 2010 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program”. To think that some federal employee is paid to write this tedious gobbly-gook. Page after page explaining in confusing/vague terms how your federal government is using your tax dollars to promote social, economic, and environmental justice. It is enough to make your head explode! link

Stop Agenda 21-John Birch Society

Stop Agenda 21-The John Birch Society

This site was selected for two reasons, if you go on this page to the section headed “Take Action”, where it says “Ask your State Legislators for a Stop Agenda 21 Bill,” and click on that, you will have a super easy time contacting both your State Senator and Representative. This site does the hard part.  Also, in the same area is an “Agenda 21 Rollback Manual”. This manual will give you a lot more ideas on helping to stop Agenda 21 and helping to restore our Republic:  link

Henry Lamb: Confronting Agenda 21 Part 1

This first video in the very valuable three part series focuses on the various ways that NGO’s and City Planners manipulate the input of citizens to create the desired data to justify their Sustainable Development plans.

Note: Henry Lamb is no longer alive. He was one of the earliest opponents of Agenda 21 and a mentor to Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center.

A Plan to Stop Agenda 21

This document is included, as supplemental material, NOT because the owner of this website is in ANY way being remunerated by Tom DeWeese, but rather because for any number of reasons, some folks may be unable or unwilling to fight Agenda 21 policies in any personal way, but understand what a threat it is to freedom in America. For those folks, they can make an important contribution by making a donation to the American Policy Center, to allow Tom DeWeese to bring Agenda out of the shadows and onto the National Stage. At this point in time, arguably Tom DeWeese is the only individual who is actively seeking to do this.  You can read his plan as well as the estimated expenditures needed to accomplish the plan:  link

How to Fight Back Against Sustainable Development

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, who has been fighting against Agenda 21 for over twenty years, provides excellent advice in this article about how to gather your forces to bring an end to the craziness that is Agenda 21: link 

U.S. Cities That Belong to ICLEI

U.S. Cities who have a Membership in ICLEI (as printed of in 2/2013)

NOTE TO READER: It would be recommended that you not assume this listing is totally accurate, as membership roles can and do change with time. Continue reading

Sheriff Mack: The County Sheriff America’s Last Hope

From Lesson 3 we learned about the Wildlands Project and you saw the map of the Wildways showing a huge section of the U.S. being dedicated to “nature” and off limits to man. In this video Sheriff Mack talks about just how bad it is and how heavy handed the federal government has become. He also give us a solution to dealing with this and an example showing where his solution was a success.

Sample Letter to the Editor (on Complete Streets)

The letter to the editor below is an actual letter that was sent by the owner of this website to their hometown paper. The situation that triggered this letter occurred when the town was discussing their likely acceptance of a Complete Street Grant (see Lesson 4) to the tune of 3.4 million dollars from a regional government (see Lesson 7). Continue reading

Common Core National Education Outrages Teacher Coalition

Do you want the good news or the bad news first. OK, the bad.

It wasn’t long after Common Core began to become the new curriculum-to-be in most of the states of this country before the conservatives began to cry the alarm against it. Unfortunately when conservatives criticize something they are pretty much ignored. After all conservatives are just extremist not worthy of serious consideration, meaning Common Core is still moving forward in most of the states.

Now the good news. An amazing ally is coming to the rescue. Known as the Badass Teacher Association, with members calling themselves BATs for short, the nationwide coalition of educators is working hard to defeat the agenda — and they have been wildly successful thus far. To read more, click on this   link .

Your Help NOW Could Help Defund Common Core Enticements

Please read the following linked article to learn what Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is trying to do to remove the money that the Obama Administration is dangling in front of our state legislators to get them to sign up for Common Core.

Also, please consider calling your D.C. Senators to tell them to support Chuck Grassley in this effort. link