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A report on Alphabet employee political donations could light a fire under Trump’s war on Google

More evidence the tech companies are riddled with liberalism, willing to put their money where their politics are, and likely unafraid to censor those with whom they do not agree. To learn more click on this link.

YouTube Is Fighting Back Against Climate Misinformation

YouTube is attempting to slap the wrist of users who try to cast doubt on Climate Change/Global Warming by posting a statement that basically says, the science is decided and the planet is warming. No mention of the fact there is reliable data from scientists showing currently the planet is instead cooling.

Also worth mentioning is YouTube’s source for its Global Warming statement; Wikipedia. Even Wikipedia admits it is not a reliable source of information! How ironic YouTube says it is posting its statement supporting Global Warming to prevent misinformation on the topic, yet uses a totally unreliable source of information, Wikipedia, to do so.

To read more of this shameful effort by YouTube to discourage free speech and the speaking of truth to power on the subject of Global Warming, click on this link.