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President Trump Signs An Executive Order To Promote Healthcare Choice And Competition

Everyone knows President Trump lacks support, not just from the Democrats, the media, Hollywood, etc. but also from his own party, with the outcome being few significant legislative successes in 2017. This leaves Trump with only executive orders available to reform important problems like Obama Care. While executive orders are in most cases less desirable than Congressional action, millions of Americans cannot wait for Congress to act. Their health care choices in many cases are nonexistent, and even if health care is available, the premiums and deductibles are so high it makes the use of their health care policies unrealistic.

This executive order allows millions of Americans a way to access health care going forward. As time passes with help from disgusted Americans the establishment swamp creatures can be voted out of office allowing non-swamp creatures (God willing) to finally repeal the not-so-affordable Affordable Health Care Act. To learn more about this executive order, click on this link.

The SCOTUScare Act

If the Supreme Court believes Obama Care is such a great thing, why have they allowed themselves to be exempted from a requirement to live under its strictures?  With some help from citizens like you, perhaps we can force them, as they have forced so many other Americans, to live under its mandates.  To learn more about the SCOTUScare Act and how to support it, click on this link.