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EPA to Regulate Water Vapor Emissions

If there was ever any doubt as to whether Agenda 21 is a total scam and/or the people who are running it are crazier than a mad hatter, this article should put both of those doubts to rest.

At a news conference in Washington today (Sept 1, 2013), President Obama announced that he is directing the Environmental Protection Agency to act immediately to enforce a new set of regulations to limit emissions of dihydrogen oxide gas, or water vapor, one of the primary causes of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

“The world faces a crisis,” the president intoned, “and America must lead. We have taken the first step by limiting carbon emissions, but that cannot be effective unless we deal with the larger menace posed by dihydrogen oxide pollution as well. Since Congress has failed in its duty to pass the required laws, I, as president, am directing the EPA to move unilaterally to issue and enforce appropriate regulations.”

If you think that regulating water vapor is crazy (and it is!), and calling water vapor dihydrogen oxide is crazy (and it is), you need to read the rest of this article to read some REALLY crazy comments (and they are!) about these new fast approaching regulations.   link

“One Page” How To Stop Agenda 21

STEP 1: EDUCATE YOURSELF! And tell others about Agenda 21. However, when you discuss Agenda 21, you must be prepared for questions. If you do not have answers, or you answer poorly or incorrectly, you may actually do more harm than good. Below are several good websites to visit. Continue reading

Notes to go Along with Henry Lamb’s Confronting Agenda 21-Three Part Video Series

These are the notes that go along with all three of Henry Lamb’s three part video series Confronting Agenda 21. By copying them and reading them while you watch the videos, you will have a much easier time understanding the many important points that are made. Continue reading

Al Gore Sued by 30,000 Scientists for Global Warming Fraud

The founder of the weather channel, John Coleman, along with 30,000 other scientists, are tired of trying to get the media to tell the truth about Global Warming. The truth being that it is a scam.  So these scientists led by John Coleman are going to force a debate in court by suing Al Gore. To learn more click on this link to watch a short video where Greg Gutfield on his show Red Eye interviews John Coleman. link 

Want to see crazy?

This is your chance (Run, if you can!) to see bureacracy in action. This is the “Notice of Funding Availability for HUD’s Fiscal Year 2010 Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant Program”. To think that some federal employee is paid to write this tedious gobbly-gook. Page after page explaining in confusing/vague terms how your federal government is using your tax dollars to promote social, economic, and environmental justice. It is enough to make your head explode! link

Learn How the Bilderberg Society Schemes to Create a One World Order

It is hard to imagine taking all the nations of the world, with all their many differences, and forcing them to become part of a One World Order. It is even harder to do. That said there is a group made up of some of the wealthiest and most politically connected people on the planet called the Bilderbergers and their goal is a One World Order and control over mankind. This article is for those who want to go into the weeds and try to figure out how this scheme against mankind is being orchestrated. It is not light reading, but it is fascinating. It supports, with names, dates, and events, many of the ideas presented in the first two lessons on this website. If the exact time-table for the unification of the United States, Canada, and Mexico is off by a few years that should not worry the reader, as a scheme of this magnitude is hard to execute with total control of the time-table. link

It is also suggested that when you get through with this article, that you go back up the page to where it says “The planned Destruction of Canada” or simple click on this link

Stop Agenda 21-John Birch Society

Stop Agenda 21-The John Birch Society

This site was selected for two reasons, if you go on this page to the section headed “Take Action”, where it says “Ask your State Legislators for a Stop Agenda 21 Bill,” and click on that, you will have a super easy time contacting both your State Senator and Representative. This site does the hard part.  Also, in the same area is an “Agenda 21 Rollback Manual”. This manual will give you a lot more ideas on helping to stop Agenda 21 and helping to restore our Republic:  link

Henry Lamb: Confronting Agenda 21 Part 1

This first video in the very valuable three part series focuses on the various ways that NGO’s and City Planners manipulate the input of citizens to create the desired data to justify their Sustainable Development plans.

Note: Henry Lamb is no longer alive. He was one of the earliest opponents of Agenda 21 and a mentor to Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center.

A Plan to Stop Agenda 21

This document is included, as supplemental material, NOT because the owner of this website is in ANY way being remunerated by Tom DeWeese, but rather because for any number of reasons, some folks may be unable or unwilling to fight Agenda 21 policies in any personal way, but understand what a threat it is to freedom in America. For those folks, they can make an important contribution by making a donation to the American Policy Center, to allow Tom DeWeese to bring Agenda out of the shadows and onto the National Stage. At this point in time, arguably Tom DeWeese is the only individual who is actively seeking to do this.  You can read his plan as well as the estimated expenditures needed to accomplish the plan:  link

How to Fight Back Against Sustainable Development

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center, who has been fighting against Agenda 21 for over twenty years, provides excellent advice in this article about how to gather your forces to bring an end to the craziness that is Agenda 21: link