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Agenda 21 Threat (Video)

Agenda 21 is advanced using a variety of strategies. This five minute video lists what it calls the nine tenets of Agenda 21. Because the video moves through them very rapidly, the nine tenets are listed below. Listing the nine tenets so rapidly allows the majority of the video to be used to highlight the 9th tenet, which will be expanded upon in a most chilling way.

9 tenets of Agenda 21

  1.  Move citizens off of rural lands and into urban housing.
  2.    Create vast wilderness areas inhabited by large carnivores.
  3.      Eliminate cars and create walk-able cities.
  4.     Support chosen private businesses with public funds for sustainable development.
  5.      Make policy decisions that favor public good over individuals.
  6.    Drastically reduce the use of power, water, and anything else that creates “carbon pollution.
  7.    Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of the democratic processes.
  8.     Increase taxes, fees and regulations.
  9.    Implement policies that incentivize reduction of the population.

To watch this compelling video, please click on this link.

When you are done watching this five minute video, re-read the description of fascism provided in the introduction of this newsletter. You will see tenet nine makes it chillingly clear the full implementation of Agenda 21 would literally require a MASSIVE reduction in the global population and/or a MASSIVE reduction in the resources and services allowed for the population globally. It is hard to believe any government other than a Fascists government could accomplish something as heinous as this.

Citizens in California’s Bay Area Fight to Stop Pack and Stack Building

We in the United States realize that many of our laws are affected by the crazy legal precedents established in California. This is certainly the case with all things environmental. Californians are infamous for going overboard to protect the environment. That makes them especially easy targets for a scam like sustainable development. That is why it comes as no surprise that California, especially around the San Francisco Bay Area, is currently the poster child for pack and stack building where living in multi-family housing, walking, bike-riding, or taking public transit to work are being forced on the citizens. In this August 6, 2013 article the citizens tell how their efforts to stop these restrictive measures have fallen on deaf ears, and that they, with the help of the Pacific Legal Fund plan to fight back. Please click the link to learn more about what will be your future if sustainable development is not stopped. link

Churches receive storm water fee discounts by starting ‘green’ ministries, sermons

An impermeable surface is a surface that does not let fluid run through it.

Environmentalists want us to believe that the water that runs off of impermeable surfaces like asphalt driveways and roofs increases pollution. Using this logic the environmentalists feel, even if they do not have the support of the taxpayers,  it is necessary to tax homes, businesses, and churches based on the amount of impermeable surfaces they have.

In Prince George’s County Maryland some of the churches are volunteering, in exchange for a reduction in the impermeable surface tax, to indoctrinate their congregations on the rightness of the environmental movement and social justice. To learn more click on this link.

Networks Embrace ‘Catastrophic’ Warnings of Latest IPCC Report

What do you get when the media and a portion of the scientific community goes totally in the tank for President Obama and the Progressives in D.C. (formerly known as the Democratic Party)? Why a scam called Global Warming/Climate Change, of course. A scam that will provide the reason to collect more money for the left in the form of a carbon tax, as well as create mountains of regulations forcing “the transformation of society”. Who cares if the data doesn’t forward the narrative.

The October 2, 2013 article tells how, after the UN’s climate panel (IPCC) released its latest warning about “catastrophic” climate change on Sept. 27, all three broadcast networks that night fell over each other to sound the alarm of the danger of Global Warming. CBS even aired a claim about temperatures rising “more than 200 degrees.” link

BREAKING: John Kerry Signs UN Arms Treaty, Paves Way for Second Amendment Assault

Below is the first paragraph in an article posted by Jay on September 25, 2013 at grassrootjournal.com. Within this paragraph are a series of statements that reveal a common misconception about unratified treaties.

The paragraph reads,

Secretary of State John Kerry has signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. What that means is simple enough: the Obama Administration is trying for an end-run around the Senate on gun control, even though the treaty requires the support of two-thirds of the Senate in order to be ratified. The treaty will fail because Obama doesn’t have the votes to ratify it; what’s more telling is the fact that John Kerry still went ahead to sign it anyways.

If you have read Lesson 1 at this website, you are aware that Agenda 21 and the Biodiversity Treaty were never ratified by the Senate, yet they are currently wrecking havoc on the American way of life because once a treaty is signed, it can then be implemented by Executive Order. It is painfully obvious that President Obama has employed the Executive Order at an alarming rate. Why would anyone doubt on an issue as important gun control is to the establishment of a One World Order, that he would not use an E.O. for this? To read more, click on this link.

Smart Growth Fraud

This article has been written by Dr. Michael Coffman. The same Dr. Coffman who showed the Biodiversity/Wildlands Project map to the Senate in 1994, and by so doing, stopped the ratification of the Biodiversity Treaty. This article explains why moving the American citizen, or any other country’s citizens, into pack-n-stack living conditions in the human settlements is not a good thing either for the citizen or the environment. Hence the name Smart Growth Fraud. link

Lesson 10: Stopping Agenda 21

Stopping Agenda 21This is the last lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will learn the…

Strategies that Will Help You Stop Agenda 21 from Destroying our Representative Republic

We can hope that the politicians, with no push from the people, will on their own find out, learn about, and address Sustainable Development through appropriate legislation. If hoping for something worked, we would all have won million dollar lotteries by now. No, hoping isn’t the answer. Continue reading

Climategate II: leaked emails show struggle to deal with warming lull

Leaked documents obtained by The Associated Press show there are deep concerns among governments around the globe over how to address the issue ahead of next week’s meeting of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. There seems to be a problem with the data (would say the liberal) or maybe there is a problem with the theory (would say the conservative).

The warming of the globe is slowing even though man continues to burn fossil fuels and cut down forests. To read more about how those in the tank for global warming will try to twist the data to suit their need to ultimately (in 2015) adopt a global climate treaty click on this link.

Lesson 8: Education and Sustainable Development

Alphabet on a chalkboard with booksThis is the eighth of ten lessons on Agenda 21 commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today you will learn…

How, Through Education, the American Citizen is being Dummied Down and Trained to be a Cog in the Centralized Industrial Machine of a One World Government.

I doubt that many people today believe that in America we have a strong, successful educational system.  Yes, most would agree that there are many places where we could improve the system. Continue reading

Lesson 9: Non Governmental Organizations and the Delphi Method

Capitol Building, Washington DC.This is the ninth lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today we will learn the…

Role of Non Governmental Organizations and How City Planners Make Dupes of Citizens Through the Delphi Method and in so Doing Undermine our Representative Government. Continue reading