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Trump rolls back clean water rules, helping farmers

In 2015 the Obama Administration created the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) regulations. Previous to these regulations only “navigate-able waters” were controlled by the federal government. These 2015 regulations caused virtually all bodies of water in the United States plus any depressions in which water could lay for even short periods of time to fall under the control of the federal government. In addition the land bordering these bodies of water as well as the land surrounding the depressions also fell under federal restrictions. In other words WOTUS was a giant federal land grab creating huge property rights violations for the construction industries, the farming industry, realtors and anyone who owned property upon which a creek or pond or even a low area which periodically holds water existed.

With the removal of the Waters of the United States Rules the Trump Administration will allow the states and their citizens to decide what is best for the water resources in their state. By so doing the states are more likely to ensure our farmers are able to continue the food production so important for the feeding of the world. This is a huge win for states’ rights, property rights, food production and liberty.

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Trump administration boosts ability to deny green cards to immigrants using welfare programs

The Trump Administration is attempting to tighten up guidelines to decide who can enter the United States via green cards. While this decision has always been based on the ability of the immigrant to be or to become self-sufficient once they enter the United States, the parameters guiding the decision have been less than clear.  The new rules would make the decision more definitive and open to less ambiguity.

 If successful, those who are allowed to immigrate would be less of a drain on the U.S. taxpayer while being more likely to uphold the long tradition in the United States of expecting its citizens to pay their own way. To read more click on this link.