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July 2019 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

Table of Contents

     Summary of Agenda 21

     Theme of Newsletter: Private Property Rights

     What Socialism Meant for My Great-Grandfather

     “Wind Farms Make The Rich Even Richer!” – Tucker Carlson Tonight

     Good News: Supreme Court Rules 7-2 in Favor of “Peace Cross” War Memorial

     More Good News: Supreme Court ruling confirms property rights aren’t second class rights

      Inspirational: Fox and Friends Shaquem and Shaquil Griffin NFL Seattle Seahawks Brian Kilmeade 7/17/19

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April 2019 Agenda21course.com Newsletter

 Table of Contents

Short Summary of Agenda 21-its Goals and Tactics.
Theme of Newsletter
Gaia Worship-The New Pagan Religion 
The Earth Charter and the Ark of Gaia Covenant  
Madrid archdiocese urges Catholics to use Lent for ‘ecological conversion’
Smart Growth is Dangerous Growth
Hays woman buys out Payless shoe, sends shoes to flood victims


Short summary  of Agenda 21 and the goals and tactics of the Progressive Globalists (useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)

The goal of the 1992 United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century treaty (also called Agenda 21, sustainable development or Agenda 2030 and now the NEW GREEN DEAL) is to control all of the human behaviors of all the humans across the globe. To accomplish this the Progressives all around the globe have been for many decades creating ways to control what you do, how you do it, where you go, how you get there, what you think, what you say, where you live, how many children you can have, and on and on.

The three primary tools used to accomplish this are called the 3 E’s; social equity/justice (identity politics and political correctness= politics of revenge and hate), economic equity/justice (socialism and communism), and environmental equity/justice (Global Warming/Climate Change and other environmental issues).

The Progressives are using the 3 E’s to do the following.

Destroy our traditional Judeo Christian values.
Replace capitalism with Socialism, Communism, or Fascism.
Destroy our Constitution/legal system.
Destroy private property rights in order to control where we live and deny us self sufficiency.
Replace elected officials with unelected bureaucrats, who answer only to the unelected Elite.
Dummy down and indoctrinate our citizen through the use of the media, our education system, and the various churches who embrace the 3 E’s.
Elevate animal rights while creating a disdain for human life.
Destroy our sovereignty through regionalism and elimination of borders.
Entice, regulate, and eventually force all citizens out of the rural areas (Wildlands Project) and into super large and densely populated, regulation-rich “human settlements” where transportation is limited to bicycles, mass transit, and walking-unless you are one of the elite. As you read this our large Progressive controlled cities are being transformed using a strategy called Smart Growth.


Theme of Newsletter

Christianity is one of America’s three most important supporting principles (along with the traditional family unit and education of America). Christianity must be destroyed in order to transform America and ultimately fully implement Agenda 21. For that reason much of this newsletter is dedicated to making the reader aware of the new environmental religion which the environmentalists have selected is to replace Christianity.

At the end of the newsletter is information about Smart Growth. Smart Growth principles are being used to redesign our cities in advance of the influx of citizens who are currently being enticed and eventually forced into the cities. Once there, it will be relatively easy to control and monitor human behavior. It is critical we see this redesign of our cities for the real threat it poses to our freedom.
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Presidential Executive Order on the Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act

If you understand sustainable development, you understand its goal is to allow the global elite to control all of the world’s resources (air, water, land,) and people. The day-to-day operations for this grand scheme are to be carried out by hordes of unelected bureaucrats (sometimes called engineers or technocrats).

This is being done a variety of ways; through the use of conservation easements, the Wildlands Project, and through abuse  of the Antiquities Act by our presidents. (For more information on these topics review Lesson 3).

The Antiquities Act, which was passed in 1906, authorizes the president to single-handedly designate any federal public land as a national monument. When used incorrectly, besides tying up resources critical to national security, the Antiquities Act diminishes private property rights in America destroying economic activity and the ability for America’s citizens to live self-sufficient lives independent of the federal government.

Fortunately President Trump’s Executive Order to review the designations under the Antiquities Act will begin the process of reining in abuse of private property rights. This executive order may actually cause a number of national monuments to be returned back to the control of the state and/or private citizens. To read the actual E.O., which is relatively short, with clear and important wording, please click on this link.



Bureau of Land Management set to close 600 miles of Colorado Roads

Closing roads is a very effective way to advance the Wildlands Project.

In Mesa Verde County in Colorado, the Bureau of Land Management (under direction of the Federal Executive Branch) is closing over 600 miles of public roads in spite of strong push back from citizens, local government, and the strong possibility that the agency is not following either state or federal law.

In this article, the agency, after some initial efforts to get the locals to go along, simply forces the local governments to submit; leaving the only recourse for the local government expensive time-consuming litigation, and the citizens without critical roads. This is an example of how, as the federal government grows, the Feds can reduce the effectiveness of local government preventing it from protecting its rural citizens from federal abuse.

One more comment, remember road closures prevent economic activity by those who wish to harvest the resources on and under the ground. Every time Bambi wins, economic activity of our natural resources, coal, oil, oil shale, natural gas, minerals, trees, etc. is stifled. Without strong economic activity, we cannot be a prosperous nation.

To read this article, click on this link.

Fremont residents sue the city of Fremont over the Destruction of the Ballville Dam

Lesson 3 of this website taught that the environmentalists want the land returned to the way it was before Christopher Columbus arrived on our shores and that the Socialist/Communists (aka Progressives) want to destroy property rights. With that in mind, the destruction of our dams makes the environmentalists happy by returning the river back to its natural flow and the Progressives happy by forcing citizens downstream off of their land due to the uncontrolled flooding.

Fortunately for the citizens of Fremont, Ohio three citizens understand what is at stake, and are fighting back. Read how, by attempting to stop the destruction of the dam, these citizens are not just helping the citizens of Fremont, but also the environment from a poorly thought out scheme by clicking on this link.

Land Grab! Obama To Lock Up ANWR’s Oil

Every land grab by the federal government is a threat to state sovereignty and property rights. Late January 2015 President Obama signaled his latest land grab. To learn more about the effort by the feds to lock down the 1.5 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge along with all the natural gas, oil, and minerals underground, click on this link.

Matt Thompson story: U.S. cattle feeder fears power of sustainability groups

The Progressives are rather brilliant in their vicious tactics. When the peace-love-dove-hippy movement did not make a great enough political impact from without, the leaders of the movement embedded themselves in the government to change it from within. This strategy works on all level of society. If the Progressives do not like something, they infiltrate it and take it over. That appears to be what is happening in our beef industry.

It is common knowledge cattle release carbon dioxide and methane. Both gases are responsible, if you are to believe the Greenies, for the ultimate death of our environment. So all the Greenies have to do to fix this problem is to pretend they want to help the cattleman save the environment, then infiltrate the cattle organizations and regulate the cattleman into bankruptcy. This tactic will give a whole new meaning to the old Wendy’s commercial where the old lady cries, “Where’s the beef?” (And eventually “Where are the pork, chicken, lamb, my pet dog, cat, and horse because, as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, they are the next to be in the cross hairs of the Greenies). To read more click on this link.

Trump Pardons Ranchers Who Inspired Armed Stand Off

Neither Communists nor Socialists believe in property rights. Neither do extreme environmentalists believe in property rights although for a different reason. Extreme environmentalists believe the ‘average Joe’ could not possibly know how to protect the land, so ‘average Joe’ should not be allowed to own land. Hence, the creation of the Wildlands Project (see Lesson 2 at www.agenda21course.com) with it goal to force citizens off of the land and into “human settlements” where they can be contained and controlled. The more land the federal (and state and local) government controls, the closer to fruition will be the Wildlands Project.

This is why the final outcome to the 2016 41 day stand-off between Ammon Bundy and his supporters and the Bureau of Land Management on a Oregon Wildlife Reserve is so very important. To be reminded of the facts of the two plus year saga and to celebrate the win for property rights (and slap-down to the Wildlands Project) watch this short video by clicking on this link.

Cages built to protect kids from wolves at New Mexico bus stops under fire for ‘demonizing’ the endangered animals

It is critical every citizen understands the importance of the 5th Amendment which guarantees us the right to “life, liberty, and property. Without property we lose our ability to provide for ourselves and our families. Further, without property to use for collateral, we have nothing against which to borrow to build our wealth. We then become little more than serfs to whatever governance has power over us.

To learn how the Endangered Species Act is used by the EPA to usurp property rights click on this link.

Off-duty police officer wrestles coyote to save kid attacked at Westchester park

It is critical every citizen understands the importance of the 5th Amendment which guarantees us the right to “life, liberty, and property. Without property we lose our ability to provide for ourselves and our families. Further, without property to use for collateral, we have nothing against which to borrow to build our wealth. We then become little more than serfs to whatever governance has power over us.

Whether it is wolves loose in the West or coyotes over-populating in urban centers, wild animals can be used create unsafe situations causing property owners to be denied the joy of property ownership. To learn how narrowly a child came to harm, click on this link.