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Summary of Agenda 21
Smart Growth: As Electric Scooters Proliferate, So Do Minor Injuries And Blocked Sidewalks

 Social Justice: Ohio Bakery Awarded $44 Million in Libel Case Against Oberlin College
Honoring Life: Wendy’s Encourages Adoption With Genius New Initiatives
Law and Order: George Soros’ Radical Criminal Justice Reform Is Undermining Law and Order and Reaping Poison Fruit
Resist Progressivism: Group wants to host ‘straight pride’ parade in Boston
Inspirational: St Louis Blues Fans Finish National Anthem when Video System Fails – Then Blues Win First Stanley Cup Finals Game Ever!

Summary of Agenda 21 and the tactics and issues used by the Progressive Globalists to advance it. (Useful as a tutorial for anyone new to the topic)
The over arching goal of the 1992 300 page United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century treaty (also called Agenda 21, sustainable development, Agenda 2030, and now the Green New Deal) is to control all of the human behaviors and wealth of all the humans across the globe.

To accomplish this the Progressives all around the globe have been for many decades creating ways to control what you do, how you do it, where you go, how you get there, what you think, what you say, where you live, how many children you can have, and on and on. For this to occur society must be totally transformed.

There are five main tactics being used used to transform society. (These tactics are the drivers which ultimately cause the People to become more liberal allowing the liberal legislators to gain the support they need to pass bills to advance the liberal agenda and gain control of our behaviors.)

Below are the five primary tactics used to accomplish this.

1. Social equity/justice: Includes identity politics and political correctness, which are just the politics of revenge, division, and hate designed to pit various groups of citizens against each other.
2. Economic equity/justice: This tactic leads America down the road of socialism and eventually communism causing the total destruction of America leading to chaos, hunger, and loss of freedom.
 3. Environmental equity/justice: Global Warming/Climate Change uses bogus data to create climate panic in order to convince citizens to “save the planet”. If citizens believe this scam, it makes them more willing to give control of their behaviors to the extreme “environmental police”.
4. Smart Growth redesigns cities to create super large, densely populated, regulation-rich “human settlements” where transportation is limited to bicycles/scooters, mass transit, and walking-unless you are one of the elite. This will allow the Elite to take control of all human behaviors.
5.  (Wildlands Project) steals our property rights and our ability to use private property to create self-reliance making us dependent of government for our needs. This is being accomplished by enticing, regulating, and eventually forcing all citizens out of the rural areas and into the currently being created Smart Cities.

The five tactics above are being used to destroy society’s foundational principles, which have been the glue which created a strong, prosperous, free America. The foundational principles, which must be destroyed, are listed below.

1. Must destroy Christianity and replace it with a Godless society or an Islamic centered society.
2. Must destroy the Family Unit so as to create generations of lost, confused, easily led children.
3. Must destroy our education system and replace it with a system designed to indoctrinate our youth in perversion and socialism, while dummying-down our youth.
4. Must destroy the Constitution (and our legal system) resulting in a lawless, chaotic society; one lacking in the protection of our inalienable rights-including the right to own guns to protect us from an over reaching government.
5. Must destroy our national sovereignty replacing it with regionalism resulting in a border less globe.
6. Must destroy our belief human life at all stages is sacred and of greater value than all animal life.
7. Must capture all data on all humans while controlling all communications systems and silencing conservative views.

This in a few short paragraphs then is what we the American People must understand and resist.

SMART GROWTH: As Electric Scooters Proliferate, So Do Minor Injuries And Blocked Sidewalks

Little things can have a big impact.

One of those “little things” are the scooters, which are suddenly flooding our cities in large numbers.  In Columbus, Ohio eight vendors will each be allowed to put 500 scooters on the streets/sidewalks. Safety wise, what could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Never fear. The solution according to the article is to simply “redesign the city streets” spending untold millions of dollars to allow the safer movement of the scooter riders and bicyclists.

What is not discussed is the increased congestion experienced by the drivers of car and trucks as more and more of the road is being dedicated to the use of scooters and bicycles. This in turn encourages more and more folks to move closer to the downtown resulting in the building of more and more high rises to accommodate the influx of people to the downtown.

Voile! The city is redesigned into a Smart Growth city where the lives of the now packed and stacked citizenry can be more easily controlled by the Elite.

To read more on this topic click on this link.

Social Justice: Oberlin College owes family-owned bakery more than $44 million

Oberlin College is a bastion of liberal craziness. That said, this time the “we are Progressive liberals and anything we want to do we can do” mentality bit them in the rear end.

To learn how a black student stealing items from a bakery turned into a $44 million dollar social (in)justice fiasco  by clicking on this link.

NOTE: Please note in the article the College’s ploy to gain sympathy. The college whines about not having as much money to help poor students obtain scholarships. Perhaps the school officials should have thought of that before aiding and abetting the social justice mob.

Honoring Life: Wendy’s Encourages Adoption With Genius New Initiatives

Many large corporations sadly are putting their economic power behind Planned Parenthood and their efforts to advance abortion-even at birth. Wendy’s in contrast has rejected a culture of death and embraced life-even for those who society might consider “flawed”.

Wendy’s has created a new way to more effectively find homes for the difficult to place foster children-the very children Planned Parenthood would likely say would have been better off aborted.

It is hoped the reader will drop into their local Wendy’s to support this so worthy cause.
Meanwhile please read more by clicking on this link.

Law and Order: George Soros’ Radical Criminal Justice Reform Is Undermining Law and Order and Reaping Poison Fruit

This story is a perfect example of how well-funded Leftists can by-pass our legislature, where laws should be made, to destroy our legal system, create chaos, and undermine our Constitutional Republic.

To watch a short video showing how George Soros is accomplishing this click on this link.

Resist Progressivism: Group wants to host ‘straight pride’ parade in Boston

John Hugo is president of Super Happy Fun America; a group organizing the Straight Pride parade later this summer (2019) in Boston. Hugo told Boston 25 News he’s fighting for tolerance for everybody.

How sad is it that in America today the majority is supposed to sit down, shut up, and allow minorities to direct society? Well, that might be about to change.

To learn more about the parade and the clever devices embedded into the parade click on this link.

Inspirational: St Louis Blues Fans Finish National Anthem when Video System Fails – Then Blues Win First Stanley Cup Finals Game Ever!

The title pretty much tells the story. Listen and enjoy watching people showing their love and pride in America by clicking on this link.

Good news: The Trump EPA on June 19, 2019 rolled back Obama Era restrictions on coal burning power plants. Including coal on the energy menu will give states more choice in the types of energy they choose. This is critical for states like Ohio which have minimal sunshine and unreliable wind options. A one-size fits all energy plan for America is just not realistic. Hats off to the Trump administration for addressing this issue.

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