Activist Video Shows There is Nothing Simple About a Bike Path

It has been said that “knowledge is power”. I contend that knowledge has no power unless it is put to work. For example if you understand that regional governments are a non-constitutional layer of government designed by the federal government to strip away local control, and if you know that your regional government is forwarding the building of bike paths so that some day, when the federal government’s policies make owning a car prohibitive, we, the citizens, will have an alternative mode of transportation ready and waiting, and if, knowing these things, you do nothing, then your knowledge has no power.

Please watch this video and see how a group of citizens in Licking County, Ohio who in May 2014 empowered with knowledge, took on the Licking County Area Transportation Study (LCATS), the regional government that represents most of Licking County, in an attempt to stop the expansion of bike paths. You will be surprised at just how many negatives come with the building of bike paths.

NOTE: The director of LCATS, even though he had never done this at any other meeting, at the beginning of this meeting choose to limit the speeches to 2-3 minutes. This threw off the first two speakers, but from the third speaker on, the speakers just let it roll. To watch the video click on this link.

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