Agenda 21 Threat (Video)

Agenda 21 is advanced using a variety of strategies. This five minute video lists what it calls the nine tenets of Agenda 21. Because the video moves through them very rapidly, the nine tenets are listed below. Listing the nine tenets so rapidly allows the majority of the video to be used to highlight the 9th tenet, which will be expanded upon in a most chilling way.

9 tenets of Agenda 21

  1.  Move citizens off of rural lands and into urban housing.
  2.    Create vast wilderness areas inhabited by large carnivores.
  3.      Eliminate cars and create walk-able cities.
  4.     Support chosen private businesses with public funds for sustainable development.
  5.      Make policy decisions that favor public good over individuals.
  6.    Drastically reduce the use of power, water, and anything else that creates “carbon pollution.
  7.    Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of the democratic processes.
  8.     Increase taxes, fees and regulations.
  9.    Implement policies that incentivize reduction of the population.

To watch this compelling video, please click on this link.

When you are done watching this five minute video, re-read the description of fascism provided in the introduction of this newsletter. You will see tenet nine makes it chillingly clear the full implementation of Agenda 21 would literally require a MASSIVE reduction in the global population and/or a MASSIVE reduction in the resources and services allowed for the population globally. It is hard to believe any government other than a Fascists government could accomplish something as heinous as this.

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