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Summary of Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

Flashback – Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

Good News: Pentagon Grows, While E.P.A. and State Dept. Shrink in Trump’s Budget

Summary of Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

Recently the author of this website read Patrick M. Wood’s book, Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, which I cannot too strongly recommend to the reader.  Technocracy Rising provides in detail the 150 years of history leading up to the current crisis in our country which now threatens to permanently destroy our representative government, our religion, our privacy, our property rights, and our very freedom. Woods does a fabulous job of providing the names of the key players and associated organizations behind this awful effort, as well as explaining how and why these seditious players are doing this to America and the globe.

Do not let the term “technocracy” throw you. Technocracy mostly refers to the way our society is being altered through the replacement of elected officials with unelected data-driven “experts”, whom he calls “engineers”. These technocrats/engineers/bureaucrats then report to, and take direction, from the global elite. Sound familiar? It should. This book highlights the key events and players, who up until 1992 set the stage for the signing, in 1992 by President Bush the Younger, of the treaty Agenda for the 21st Century (aka Agenda 21, aka sustainable development, aka UN Agenda 2030).

Technocracy Rising provides a fascinating, informative, comprehensive, and rather scary look at the future of the globe-unless a rapid course correction occurs. Especially concerning (at least to me) are the chapters on the surveillance state, the Smart Grid, and carbon currency. Together these three will allow the collection and analysis of all the details of our lives so the elite can decide where we use energy, which then allows them to determine when and where we are using too much energy. Armed with this information, and because by then cash will have been replaced by personalized carbon currency which will be doled out in a severely limiting way, the elite will be able to monitor and control all of our daily activities through the use of Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, and the rationing of energy.

Something as simple as washing dishes will require you to ask yourself a whole series of questions. When in a 24 hours period of time am I allowed to wash dishes? Do I have enough carbon currency available to wash dishes and, if so, do I also have enough carbon currency available to use hot water? If I over-use my energy allotment, what energy related activity will I have to fore-go?

Can you say “Yikes?”

This then gives you a small glimpse of the Utopia promised by the Left.

Regardless of how important it is to read this book in its entirety, some of you will not, for a variety of reasons, do so. In that case, here is an article, also written by Patrick M. Woods, which provides a partial summary of portions of his book, Technocracy Rising. To read this article, click on this link. 

Good News: Pentagon Grows, While E.P.A. and State Dept. Shrink in Trump’s Budget

Whether President Trump is aware of Agenda 21 and all of its ramification, it would appear common sense has made it clear to him that a deteriorated military and a bloated federal government spitting out economy choking regulations is not a good thing for a strong America. To read more about the trend in D.C. to alter this paradigm, click on this link.

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