As Electric Scooters Proliferate, So Do Minor Injuries And Blocked Sidewalks

Little things can go a long way towards transforming America-and not always in a good way.

One of those “little things” are the scooters, which are suddenly flooding our cities in large numbers.  In Columbus, Ohio eight vendors will each be allowed to put 500 scooters on the streets/sidewalks. Safety wise, what could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Never fear. The solution according to the article is to simply “redesign the city streets” spending untold millions of dollars to allow the safer movement of the scooter riders and bicyclists.

More importantly the result, as more and more of the road is being dedicated to the use of scooters and bicycles, is greater congestion for those driving cars. This in turn encourages more and more folks to move closer to the downtown resulting in the building of more and more high rises to accommodate the influx of people to the downtown.

Voile! The city is redesigned into a Smart Growth city where the lives of the now packed and stacked citizenry can be more easily controlled by the Elite.

Perhaps a “little thing” like adding scooters to the city streets and sidewalks is not such a “little thing.”

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