Belgium a Step Closer to Child Euthanasia

You probably know that one of the goals of Agenda 21 is to drastically reduce the global population. You might think that that would not be a concern for the United States, as the population rate is not increasing in a significant way. You would be wrong. It is not just about the number of children being produced, it is also about amount of “stuff” consumed per capita. That is why Americans, and their lifestyle, are the enemy of the extreme environmentalists. Anything that eliminates humans preventing them from purchasing “stuff” is a good thing. 

Obama care, supposedly created to improve the health care of the citizen, will through its death panels and Whole Lives System (brought to you by the “charming” Ezekiel Emanuel-brother of Rom), have the ability to determine who will and will not receive health care and in turn who will live and who will die. If that is not bad enough, if we as a nation continue to follow in the path of other socialized nations, like Belgium, the rationing board in D.C. may have the blessing of legislation to allow for the euthanizing of our children. To learn more about Belgium’s journey down this dark path click on this link.

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