Better to Laugh than Cry: ESL Students Learn New Gender Pronouns | We the Internet TV

Once upon a time things were much simpler. If you are asked your sex, you had two locked in biological choices; male or female-both based on your DNA. This simple system kept societal confusion and chaos at bay. This binary choice, however, made it harder for the Progressives to sow seeds of division. In response the Progressives changed the language and mounted a propaganda campaign designed to create the illusion gender is more important than a person’s sex. In other words Progressives consider a person is defined by their gender-a totally subjective determination which can change from day to day-not their sex.

Do not play their game. Do not use the term “gender”. By using the term “gender” you give it validity. This only encourages the Progressives to continue to add to the chaos by creating an ever-expanding list of gender categories to further divide us as a People.

If you want to see just how crazy this has already become please watch this somewhat painful, but mostly entertaining, short video by clicking on this link.

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