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Is this peak vegan? Science professor wants you to try ‘tasty’ larvae sausages and locust ice cream

For decades there has been a push to eliminate meat from our diet.  First it was the non-stop message meat is bad for your health (Hummm, weren’t coffee and butter supposed to be bad-but now they are not?). Then the sustainablists backed by the United Nations argued meat was bad for the environment.  Of course, to believe meat is bad for the environment  you have to believe Global Warming is occurring, that carbon dioxide and methane are the culprits, and that doing all of this hocus-pocus to reduce man’s production of greenhouse gases will really make a difference-especially since the largest producer of greenhouse gases, China, is doing nothing to control their production.

If you buy all of these assumptions, what the heck, feel free to eat all the maggots you want-as long as you do not force them on the rest of us! Besides, it just leaves more meat for the meat lovers! To learn more about the fast-growing trend to ditch meat and embrace insects click on this link.

Oh, yeh, if this article has made you hungry and you want to buy some yummy maggots click on this link. Bon appétit!

We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

How often have you heard the media, politicians, citizens, etc. call the United States a democracy?

The United States is not a democracy, which is where the popular vote decides the Presidency. It IS a Representative Republic, which is where each state’s votes are used to determine for which Presidential candidate each state’s electors will vote (aka the Electoral College). In that way it is an “indirect popular vote” which allows each state to have a say in who is elected President.

By not correcting those in our lives who incorrectly use the word “democracy” we allow others to believe the U.S. really is a democracy and by association a positive way to govern. This then makes it only a small jump for the Leftists to get Americans to accept the elimination of the Electoral College allowing the President to be elected by a popular vote-a very bad thing.

To clarify this somewhat complex topic keep in mind the old analogy describing how a Democracy works; two wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for dinner.

If the Electoral College is eliminated, and the President is elected through a popular vote, the east and west coasts of the United States, who collectively have a massive number of liberal voters, become the wolves who would discuss with the fly-over states what they are going to have for dinner.

Even if you are comfortable with this topic, please read this really excellent article by clicking on the link, and please share, share, share this with your friends and neighbors.

Madrid archdiocese urges Catholics to use Lent for ‘ecological conversion

Note: the author of the website was raised in a very devote Catholic family and takes no pleasure in presenting this information.

Sadly it is not just the environmentalists attempting to replace Christian beliefs with the worship of the planet. More and more churches are aiding and abetting this effort.

The Catholic Church in Spain is advancing Agenda 21 by using the three E’s (social, environmental, and economic justice) in order to blur the lines between Christianity and Gaia. To learn more click on this link.


Ohio is free to defund Planned Parenthood, federal appeals court rules

Ohio Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Ohio has the right court to spend tax dollars as it wishes-and apparently it wishes to not fund elective abortions. To read more about this excellent court ruling click on this link.

Citizens of Toledo approve the Lake Erie Bill of Rights

The February 2019 newsletter contained an article about the Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR). The whole idea was to allow the people of Toledo, Ohio to vote to give the Lake Erie watershed the same rights as the citizens who live in that watershed-most of whom do not live in Toledo. If the citizens of Toledo voted for this agreement, all the citizens and all the land in the 36 Ohio counties (of 88 counties total) just south of Lake Erie would be held hostage by anyone in Toledo who wished to object to some aspect of how the other citizens treated the environment.

Sadly the citizens in Toledo did indeed pass this agreement. To read more about this egregious agreement and the pending lawsuit pushing back against it, click on this link.

The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

European countries are decades ahead of America in the march towards socialism, globalism, secularism, and progressivism-all of which are advanced by open borders. This is one of the reasons currently many of the European countries are attempting to throw off the immigration burdens being placed on them by the EU and the UN.

However, arguably more important than the overthrow of these sovereignty-sucking ideas, is what determines the type of government which will follow and does this question also apply to America? To learn the answers to these two very important questions click on this link.

Bolsonaro Pulls Brazil Out of U.N. Migration Pact: ‘We Will Define Our Rules’

In the article “The Riots in France aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, but About the West’s Decline” the author’s final point centered on the importance, once the globalist government is over thrown, of finding a leader who has the best interest of the People in mind (think George Washington). It is just possible, but only time will tell, Brazil has found that leader. To read more about newly elected President Bolsonaro’s thoughts on immigration and national sovereignty click on this link.

China has started ranking citizens with a creepy ‘social credit’ system-here’s what you can do wrong, embarrassing, demeaning ways they can punish you.

Remember, Agenda 21 is a GLOBAL effort. The Progressives, who live around the world, are attempting to enslave the vast majority of people across the Globe while capturing the world’s wealth. Some countries like China because of their-dictator lead government are further along than most other countries. However just like the East and West coast of the U.S. advances Progressives ideas into the heartland of America, the Agenda 21 policies and tactics China implements have the capability to spread across the entire globe.

That said people in China are being trained like animals. Do something good and you get a “treat”; do something bad and get swatted with a proverbial rolled up newspaper-or worse. The swats, besides including taking away privileges and material items, also include public shaming. Now why does that sound familiar? Oh, yeh, here in the good, old US of A. the Progressives have been retraining conservatives for decades by publicly shaming, intimidating, denying use of restaurants, censoring, etc. The question is will other countries, including the United States, in order to create “good, compliant citizens” build on China’s success and formalize a social credit score system, too? To learn more click on this link.

The Stigma Against my Conservative Politics is Worse Than the Stigma of Being Gay

China is implementing a formalized “Social Credit System” to reward and punish Chinese citizens in order to create a “compliant citizenry”. America’s Progressives have for years been using their own informal social credit system to reward the minority flavor of the month and punish anyone opposing Progressives views.   To see just how far conservatives have fallen on this informal Progressive social scale click on this link.

China region gives legal basis for Muslim internment camps

China, an all-in Agenda 21 country, is retraining its citizens through an arbitrary social credit system. If a formalized social credit system is not scary enough, apparently for Muslims unwilling to assimilate, China has created internment camps where God only knows what occurs. Of course that could never happen in America. Right? Hummm? The American Progressives have for decades controlled our language through political correctness, censored our internet sites, used the IRS to attack Tea Party leaders, used law suits, and chased conservatives out of restaurants. Perhaps then it is not that much of a leap to imagine something similar happening in America? If the Progressives take total political control and achieve their fondest wish of destroying our Constitution and legal system, what is to stop them from building internment camps? With one difference compared to those in China, instead of putting Muslims in them, they would more likely put anyone in them who has opposing conservative views? To learn more click on this link.