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Energized high schoolers rally across US in school walkouts: ‘You don’t want your brother, sister … to be the next victims’

By the time you get this newsletter the March 14, 2018 student protests for gun control will be in the rear view mirror. For better or worse this will not be the last time children will be used by the Left to do the heavy lifting necessary to gut the Second Amendment. For this reason it is critical you understand what is really at stake if we continue to encourage our children to protest during school hours.

Too many of our schools in conjunction with Leftist groups like Women’s March Organization are whipping our kids into an emotional frenzy to encourage the students to walk outs of their schools. This MIGHT be OK if the students were first encouraged in the classroom to do research to determine if school gun violence is the greatest danger to their life and limb (more deaths due to texting and driving, etc.) and to identify ALL of the factors that contribute to school gun violence. At that point the students would be able to protest intelligently about the need to foster intact families, to decrease violent video game usage by children, etc., but, oh, no. No research. No choice; just a not so subtle pressure for the students to get out there and demand of the government a simple solution to school gun violence, when in reality it is a very complex problem.

If these protests are allowed to continue and flourish, the result will be more government gun control, radicalized students, chaos in the schools with less learning, but sadly, no decrease in school gun violence. So much harm for so little gain.

To listen to these well-meaning, but poorly informed, emotionally overcharged students, click on this link.

College student kicked out of class for telling professor there are only two genders

To read about another brave, young person unwilling to accept from a Progressive professor non-reality based information click on this link.

Better to Laugh than Cry: ESL Students Learn New Gender Pronouns | We the Internet TV

Once upon a time things were much simpler. If you are asked your sex, you had two locked in biological choices; male or female-both based on your DNA. This simple system kept societal confusion and chaos at bay. This binary choice, however, made it harder for the Progressives to sow seeds of division. In response the Progressives changed the language and mounted a propaganda campaign designed to create the illusion gender is more important than a person’s sex. In other words Progressives consider a person is defined by their gender-a totally subjective determination which can change from day to day-not their sex.

Do not play their game. Do not use the term “gender”. By using the term “gender” you give it validity. This only encourages the Progressives to continue to add to the chaos by creating an ever-expanding list of gender categories to further divide us as a People.

If you want to see just how crazy this has already become please watch this somewhat painful, but mostly entertaining, short video by clicking on this link.

Teacher Fired After Comparing High School Students To Nazis For Wearing MAGA Shirts

Apparently you do not have to be an active protester with an anarchist group to support their vitriol; an Atlanta teacher was more than capable of doing this all by herself. The good news is that the teacher was fired. To watch the short video of this teachers totally unacceptable behavior and to learn more about the incident, click on this link.

We Cannot Become Complaisant

We cannot become complaisant because, even as Trump attempts to drain the swamp, our tax payer funded school systems are guiding, and, yes, sometimes forcing, our youth down the path of liberalism. The following two articles, sadly, shows just how determined some school administrators are to destroy any signs of conservative values within the halls of education, even if it means intimidating the students and denying them their constitutional rights.

To read “Carmel High School Faces Lawsuit Threat after Pro-Life Poster” Removed click on this link.

To read “Victory-Christmas Poster Can Stay Up Says Court” click on this link.

It is hoped Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, will change the climate in our schools so diversity of thought; political or otherwise, is valued much more than ethnic or sexual diversity. To learn more about Betsy DeVos, click on this link.

Tiny houses: Living Large in Small Space/DIY Network

The Democrats, when they own the White House, use the Dept. of Education to dummy down and indoctrinate our kids, ultimately saddling them with such huge college loans that their option of leaving home to create their own home and family is greatly restricted. At best many will settle for a “tiny home” scenario currently being made popular by shows now seen on the DIY TV channel. In this way the Progressives are stealing from the Millennials a belief in the American Dream.

Not too worry, since the Progressives are making it “cool” to live in what used to be considered a “backyard playhouse”, these Millennials may not even know that their dreams have been down-sized or the size of their homes have in essence created a built-in population control feature. To see examples of these “tiny houses” click on this link.

Washington State to Teach Transgenderism to Kindergartners

If you read A De-Sexed Society is a De-Humanized Society it is obvious that the Progressives feel duty-bound to destroy the family unit both in actuality and legally, while pretending they actually care about the transgender individual. Further, as this article will make clear, they have no qualms about going after the minds and values of the most defenseless and vulnerable; our school children. To learn how, grade by grade, students throughout Washington State classrooms are being exposed to Progressive curricula designed to indoctrinate them into acceptance of transgender behavior, please click on this link.


Public School sued for pushing Islamic indoctrination on students

What would you do if you child came home from school with an assignment to write out the Islamic creed, which when recited by non-Muslims is considered to be the first step towards conversion to Islam?  Please read this article, put yourself in the shoes of these parents, and ask yourself if you would do the right thing for your child, for the other children, and for America, as did these brave parents? To read more click on this link.

‘Cheers’ Actor Tells Congress U.S. Faces ‘Danger of Our Infrastructure Collapsing’

We know Hollywood is a bastion of Left wing extremists who love to use their clout to advance liberal causes. For a Hollywood star to step up, do the right thing, and support a conservative issue is a risk. Kudos to John Ratzenberger(of Cheers fame) for standing up and delivering  his message to Congress explaining why it is critical to the very survival of our country that we provide for our children opportunities to learn how to use not just their minds but also their hands by re-instituting vocational classes. To learn more, click on this link.

High Speed Explanation of Common Core

If you just want a fun, fast-paced three minute video explaining why Common Core has got to go, follow this link.