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Louisiana Governor Dumps Common Core; Bureaucrats Fight Back

The Progressives on the left, wish to “globalize” our children by keeping them ignorant of the many positive contributions made by America, by discouraging any displays of patriotism, by discouraging critical thinking skills, etc. They are doing this by implementing Common Core. Around America many citizens are pushing back-successfully. In response to his citizen’s concerns Louisiana Governor Jindal announced on June 18th, 2014 his desire to prevent further implementation of Common Core in Louisiana. Jindal cannot do it on his own, but appears committed to getting it done. To read more, click on this link.

Common Core & UN Agenda 21: Producing Green Global Serfs & More

There are so many ways that Agenda 21 is attempting to destroy our once great country that it is hard to decide which is most egregious, but it could easily be argued that implementing Common Core, and by so doing creating a whole generation of citizens that cannot think for themselves and are ignorant of once common knowledge and skills, may be the absolutely most heinous thing a government can do to its most vulnerable and innocent-its children. Hopefully you will have read Lesson 8: Education at However, to learn more about the dangers of Common Core follow this link.

If you want a very pithy video by George Will explaining the dangers of Common Core follow this link.

Finally, there is a glimmer of hope that at least a few states, like Oklahoma, are seeing the trap being set by the federal government, and are rejecting Common Core. To learn more about this, follow this link.

Iowa Governor Branstad Signs Executive Order Addressing Common Core Concerns

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has stepped up to the plate to protect the education system in Iowa. Because of concerns about how Common Core was adopted and the threat Common Core presents to state sovereignty, Branstad  signed on October 16, 2013 an Executive Order ordering a regular public review of the state standards. To read more, click on this link

Ohio House Attempting to Stop Common Core

Ohio House Bill 237 will attempt to stop the implementation of Common Core in Ohio. It is critical, if you live in Ohio, to call your state representative NOW, and tell him/her to support HB237.

Here is the actual language of the bill, as well  as the co-sponsors of the bill. Continue reading

Common Core National Education Outrages Teacher Coalition

Do you want the good news or the bad news first. OK, the bad.

It wasn’t long after Common Core began to become the new curriculum-to-be in most of the states of this country before the conservatives began to cry the alarm against it. Unfortunately when conservatives criticize something they are pretty much ignored. After all conservatives are just extremist not worthy of serious consideration, meaning Common Core is still moving forward in most of the states.

Now the good news. An amazing ally is coming to the rescue. Known as the Badass Teacher Association, with members calling themselves BATs for short, the nationwide coalition of educators is working hard to defeat the agenda — and they have been wildly successful thus far. To read more, click on this   link .

Your Help NOW Could Help Defund Common Core Enticements

Please read the following linked article to learn what Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is trying to do to remove the money that the Obama Administration is dangling in front of our state legislators to get them to sign up for Common Core.

Also, please consider calling your D.C. Senators to tell them to support Chuck Grassley in this effort. link

Should the White House Control What Your Kids Learn?

This important article will help you learn about the obstacles standing between you and your right to educate your children as Americans rather than “good” global citizens: link

Two New Websites on Education in Ohio

Now that you have the basics about Common Core, and if you live in Ohio, you may want to go to a website dedicated to Common Core in Ohio. link

Or to a second website that will inform you on educational issues in Ohio including Common Core. link

Welcome to Your 21st Century Global Educational System

This article will further your understanding of the threat that the United Nations  educational plans pose for your children as the U.N. attempts to implement a global curriculum: link

Tying Common Core to Global Origins

Alisa Ellis, is a parent, and like many of you very concerned about the globalization of her children’s education through the implementation of the Common Core standards. Her presentation will not just present the facts, but will pull at your heart strings, as she explains how our children are being cheated of their bright futures by forces outside of the United States.