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The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics

This is a wonderful article which compares and contrasts constitutionalism, progressivism, and liberalism and provides the history of each. I cannot emphasize enough the value of reading this article in its entirety. By doing so, the reader will be much better able to understand what drives Progressive and Liberal thinking and recognize when the federal government of the United States is actively trying to subvert its Constitutional mandates and why.

Since it is a fairly long article, the author of this site has pared it down and presented it in her November 2016 Newsletter. This newsletter can be accessed by going to this website’s home page and clicking on the  “Newsletter” option on the right side of the home page.

As the article was summarized in the newsletter, it is hoped the integrity of the information was maintained. However, only by reading it in its entirety will you be sure to obtain the true meanings with all of their nuances. To read the entire article, please click on this link.

Obama, in final U.N. speech, calls for world ‘course correction’

Key strategies used to destroy America’s national sovereignty and replace it with globalization include keeping borders open and allowing into the U.S. immigrants who have no desire to assimilate. This creates nations within nations (aka “no go zones”). To read Obama admit his desire for globalization, click on this link.

Proof of Obama’s Desire for a One World Order and his Disdain for the Average Citizen

This disturbing 19 second excerpt is from a speech President Obama gave at a Bilderberg Group conference in Brussels, Belgium on May 23, 2014. To watch, click on this link.

George H.W. Bush New World Order Speech

The chaos in the United States is brought to you by the Progressives on both sides of the aisle. Their far reaching goal is to take control of all human behavior and the Earth’s resources, while creating a One World Order under the auspices of the United Nations-all in the name of “world peace” and to “save the planet”. As you watch this very short video of George H.W. Bush, a Republican, taken in 1991, remember that the next year he signed the 300 page treaty, Agenda for the 21st Century (aka Agenda 21). Also, remember that after the Senate refused to ratify the treaty, President Clinton, a Democrat, came into office, created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, whose job was to embed all of the policies from the Agenda for the 21st Century treaty into all of the federal agencies. Progressives on both sides of the aisle have worked together for decades to use this treaty, the federal agencies, executive orders, and Congress to transform America into the disaster she is today. To watch this disturbing, short video, click on this link.

Conservatives Oppose Mass Criminal Release

Americans better hope that our second amendment rights are upheld if Senator John Cornyn is successful in reaching across the aisle to help Obama pass The Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (S.2123). This legislation if passed would release thousands of criminals back on the streets to appease the Left’s desire to reduce “mass incarceration”. The minorities do represent a greater percentage of the prison population than in the population at large. The Progressives would have you believe this is because of biases within the legal system (rather than the more likely reason; policies forwarded by the federal government that have destroyed the family and social structure in America-especially within the minority communities). Using this unproven premise, the Progressive on both sides of the aisle are pushing hard to release large numbers of prisoners early in an effort to create a more equitable justice system (aka social justice).

Senator Cornyn stated, “This is a statement that is not just symbolic, but actually shows that you care about people. It doesn’t hurt to show some empathy.” Try telling that to Erveena Hammonds and her two daughters who were recently murdered in Columbus, Ohio after their alleged killer was released early from prison because Congress passed the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. Oh, I am sorry, you can’t tell them anything; they are dead. To learn more about this terribly misguided attempt to create social justice, click on this link.

3 E Reality Check

While a mass release of prisoners would indeed release a large number of minority prisoners, it would also signal to those prisoners and to society at large, you can do the crime, but may not have to serve the time. This is a total melt-down of our social order; a total social INJUSTICE. If you happen to be a victim of one of these early release prisoners, it is an even worse social INJUSTICE. Further, you should have noticed while reading the article, that this is just a ploy by both sides to garner the votes of the potentially soon-to-be-released prisoners. How sad is this that our politicians, who have to know the danger of a mass release of prisoners, would be willing to do so just to gain votes.


New UN Tribunal for Environmental Justice to judge U.S. for Climate Change Debt

The effort to create a Global Order is on a fast track, but it requires funding.  Climate Change is the cash cow that will provide the funding for the new Global Order. If Climate Change caused by man’s activities is accepted as a fact, then the developed countries (i.e. the United States and the European Union) can be blamed for the majority of the environmental abuses. Now, if there was only a body that could be made responsible for making the charges against the developed countries and passing sentences on the developing countries in the form of carbon taxes, the funding of a new World Order would be a piece of cake! Oh, yeh, did I fail to mention that a new United Nations Tribunal for Environmental Justice has just been created. You can learn all about it by clicking on this link.


The newly formed United Nations Tribunal for Environmental Justice is designed to punish the developed nations (the U.S. and E.U.) for “environmental crimes”. The punishment meted out by the United Nations Tribunal is to be paid in the form of a Global Carbon Tax. But what if the many developing countries, who hope to suck the developing countries dry, cannot reach agreement on how to handle the Global Carbon Tax? Will their lack of unity, at the least, buy the United States time to get a new, hopefully better administration in Washington D.C. who will fight back against the loss of our sovereignty to the United Nations? To learn about this possibility watch this video by clicking on this link.

US Attorney General, US Cities, Join UN to Create Global Police Force Initiative

No One World Governance is complete without a global police force, or at least that is the thinking of the Obama Administration and Loretta Lynch of the Department of Justice. To read an excellent article about the creation of our new Global Police Force Initiative, click on this link or to watch a powerful 15 minute video on the topic, click on this link.

Please notice, as you learn about our new global police force, the term “terrorist extremists” is never defined. Keep in mind that the Obama administration has gone out of their way to avoid calling Muslims extremists, but has not hesitated to call members of the Tea Party extremists. You may draw your own conclusions whom the target of the Obama administration and the new Global Police Force  may be.

Episcopal Diocese of Ohio purchases Hostile Valley Park

In Northeastern Ohio the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio has bought a camp, whose teaching will be centered around sustainability and the education and practice of social justice. This should trigger a series of questions. Should any church be advancing Agenda 21, and in so doing advancing the political goals of the Left? How soon before the government and the Church runs out of “other peoples’ money” to redistribute, and what happens then? Finally, at what point does the government and, in this case, the Catholic Church, become one and the same? To learn more, please click on this link.

Planning: The Problem, the Vision, the Decision

This is article provides a really nice overview of Agenda 21. Without getting in the weeds the article hits the high points of Agenda 21 without even using the term “Agenda 21”. It instead uses the term the left consistently uses; sustainable development. This allows you to use this article in situations where the term Agenda 21 is either a turn-off or will simple open too many cans of worms. To learn more, click on this link.