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Off-duty police officer wrestles coyote to save kid attacked at Westchester park

It is critical every citizen understands the importance of the 5th Amendment which guarantees us the right to “life, liberty, and property. Without property we lose our ability to provide for ourselves and our families. Further, without property to use for collateral, we have nothing against which to borrow to build our wealth. We then become little more than serfs to whatever governance has power over us.

Whether it is wolves loose in the West or coyotes over-populating in urban centers, wild animals can be used create unsafe situations causing property owners to be denied the joy of property ownership. To learn how narrowly a child came to harm, click on this link.

Autonomous vehicles are about to collide with the American way (A Must Read!)

Autonomous vehicles are about to collide with the American way

This article is an ABSOLUTE must read. Read it, share it, and discuss it for, if we are not aware of the threat of autonomous/controlled/regulated/government owned cars, our freedom is forfeited.

That said those of us who understand Agenda 21/Sustainable Development/Agenda 2030 understand its endgame is the removal of rural folks to the city. Once accomplished the city dwellers will be controlled by the           unelected bureaucrats who will take their orders for the Elite. Freedom, including the freedom to move around freely, will be a thing of the past. Can you say Wildlands Project?

If you did not know all this, you might think autonomous cars pose no threat and have no part in the implementation of Agenda 21. This article will show just how terribly wrong you would be. To read more, click on this link.

Supreme Court Rules 7-2 in Favor of “Peace Cross” War Memorial

The easily offended Left has made the destruction of historic statues one of its new hobbies. With the destruction of the statues comes the destruction of our history and in the case of the Peace Cross our Christian religion.

The Supreme Court with its 7-2 decision in favor of keeping the cross gave some degree of reassurance that other similar monuments may survive the Leftist purge. However, as you read the article and the various opinions of the Justices, please note the stance of several of the judges on Christian monuments which may be built in the future.

To read more click on this link.

Trump shrinks Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante monument in historic proclamation.

Much of the land in the Western United States is held under the control of the federal government. If land has been claimed by the federal government through the use of the Antiquities Act, the land is to all and extents and purposes off limits to man. This means mineral resources, recreational resources, etc. will be of no use to this or future generations. In turn this diminishes our freedoms and our economic prosperity.

Some not so informed citizens believe the loss to our freedom and prosperity is worth it if it protects the land. The reality is quite the opposite. As the federal government took on the responsibility of managing more and more land, the federal government became less and less able to manage the undergrowth and deadfalls in the forests. Fires, whether caused by nature or arson, once started spread faster and were more likely to spread over a greater area causing a greater loss of human and wildlife and a greater loss of valuable natural resources. How is this a good thing for Bambi and her friends?

(Note: It is a good thing if you are trying to advance the Wildlands Project. See Lesson 3 at for more info.)

This explains why the Executive Order by Donald Trump is so important. These two national parks still stay under the ownership of the federal government but allow the state and local governments more say in their management and a greater use of their resources. Those geographically closer to these parks are much more likely to invest the time and energy necessary to wisely use and maintain them. To learn more, click on this link.

Man Sues Gov’t over… a Frog?

Lesson 2 at the website explained the goal of the Wildlands Project is to clear the rural lands so the animals can live without interacting with man. The lesson also went on to list some of the strategies used to clear the land. This article demonstrates the reality, that even though there is a new President in the White House, the EPA continues to use the Endangered Species Act to steal private property from the citizens. Please read this story of a determined Louisiana man, Edward Poitevent, who is refusing to allow the federal government to steal his land in order to create habitat for a frog that has not existed in Louisiana for at least 50 years by clicking on this link.

Property Rights are a Huge Concern Going into the 2016 Presidential Election and Beyond

In America property rights have plummeted in the first decade and a half of the 21st century. No surprise then that the economy has also weakened during those years since property rights are a critical factor in creating a strong economy.

Key policies that have undermined property rights in America include excessive use of conservation easements and the Antiquities Act. These two property rights stealing tactics take more and more rural land out of private ownership and into the public domain (where little if any taxes are collected, the land is often poorly monitored, and the land and mineral resources below the ground will never be allowed to add to the economic prosperity of future generations).

Meanwhile property values in the suburbs will plummet once policies like Affirmatively Forwarding Fair Housing and other even more egregious regulations force low-income residents out of their neighborhoods and into the suburbs. Please follow these links to learn more about the destruction of our property rights and economy.

Wyoming welder, facing $16 M in fines, beats EPA in battle over stock pond

The EPA has been busy intimidating the property owners of America for decades. There power will only increase exponentially if the Waters of the United States rule (WOTUS), which will federalize all the water in America, is allowed to stand.

What would you do if the EPA showed up on your property and told you that you had not properly permitted your pond and you would be fined up to $37,500/day unless you filled it back in? Oh, yeh, you have several small children and a wife, all who need a roof over their head and three meals a day. Would you do the right thing and fight the EPA, since you know that you filed all the necessary permits in advance of building your pond? To learn more about how the brave Johnson family of Fort Bridger, Wyoming fought back and won against the federal environmental hammer known as the EPA, click on this link.

Exclusive: The UN starts toward New Control over the World’s Oceans

As if attempting to take control of all of the water in the United States through the Water of the United States Rule (WOTUS) wasn’t bad enough, now the Lefties are pushing to seize control of large portions of the oceans. To read the details of this latest abuse of property rights, click on this link.

Kris Anne Hall: Why are the Bundy’s fighting for the Hammonds.

The goal of the Wildlands Project is to remove the citizens of America from the rural lands leaving the majority of the land for the sole use of the wild animals. Currently, the federal government owns more than half of the land in a dozen of our Western states, and is attempting to establish control over more in order to create massive belts of land extending from Mexico north up into Canada and Alaska for the sole use of wildlife. One way to justify the taking of more land is through the creation of, or extension of, national parks. Surely this is a reasonable and more importantly a legal thing for our federal government to do. After all, none of us grew up in a time when national parks did not exist. It is almost unimaginable that their existence could be challenged-or is it?

Please watch this fabulous video by Kris Anne Hall, constitutional lawyer, to learn the reality of the constitutional limits placed on the federal government in regards to land ownership. To watch this video, please click on this link.



Republicans OK $14M land-transfer lawsuit, say Utah must regain sovereignty

Few things will give a fascist government power like preventing the ownership of property by the citizen. The Progressives on the Left are out to destroy property rights. They would argue that only the federal government can manage and protect the land effectively. Who cares that by controlling the state’s land the Feds destroy state sovereignty and deny the state’s the ability to use their own resources to reduce the tax burden on their citizens. To learn how Utah is fighting back against the Federal government’s overreach click on this link.