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Lesson 2: Getting America to Buy the Scam Called Agenda 21

sunflower fieldThis is the second lesson in a series of ten lessons on Agenda 21, commonly known as Sustainable Development. Today you will learn how…

Indoctrination is used to soften up the American citizen to make them receptive to the transformation of a free world into a socialist, sustainable development world. Think of all the commercial and nature shows you have seen pushing the green agenda; think of all the articles our biased media create pushing the green agenda, even various churches push the 3 E’s. Continue reading

Al Gore, UN Secretary-General, others now demanding ‘Great Reset’ of global capitalism

Taking advantage of an economy weakened by COVID lockdown policies and anarchy in cities around the globe the usual globalist characters are moving forward aggressively to replace capitalism with socialism and eventually communism or Marxism ultimately placing the world’s economy into the hands of the Elite. These power hungry players will continue to use Climate Change to justify these drastic and disastrous changes to our economy as they attempt to trigger the “Great Reset”. To learn more click on this link.

What Does “Black Lives Matter” Believes

Many people buy into many of the Leftist causes, like those espoused by Black Lives Matter, because in the moment it feels good to be part of something bigger than themselves or because it feels good to do something “kind”, or because it is the latest “cause” of the moment or they have just plain been brain-washed into thinking it is the right thing to do morally or because they have been made to feel guilty for their successes, or perhaps it is as simple as they don’t really know what BLM believes and the ramifications of those beliefs.

This article makes it very clear what Black Lives Matter believes-even if you only read the headings. Please read (and share) this critical article by clicking on this link.

Editorial on the Condition of America as the Deep State Goes into Scorched Earth Mode

The Deep State has wrung out as much societal change from their social (in)justice and climate (in)justice efforts as they can and it is now time to up the ante. For this the Deep State must remove its mask, change tactics, and create anarchy far and wide.

Make no mistake we are in a fight to the death for the survival of a free and prosperous America.

That The Deep State has for decades been attempting to destroy America, but until now, the efforts have been done in such a way that only the tuned in citizen, like you, understood the true objective. Those times are over. They have said it is important to continue to resist the efforts by the Deep State to use the COVID 19 Plandemic and the death of George Floyd (and all future African American deaths by cop) to advance United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century and the ultimate takeover of the globe, its people, and its wealth.

These two events, COVID 19 and George Floyd, were simply crises, which were too good to be allowed to go to waste-and they have born terrible and evil fruit.

Continue reading

Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history

This article often quotes the two doctors, who in April had the nerve to very effectively question the handling of the corona virus outbreak. We know it was affective because their video went viral (no pun intended) immediately and because it was so devastating to those pushing the “you all are going to die” scenarios it was quickly yanked from YouTube. The author of the article also adds other excellent salient points. To learn more click on this link.

UN Chief Says Pandemic Must be Used to Deindustrialize West

We could argue all day whether the pandemic was intentionally created or not, but what is not debatable is the reality every bad actor, every entity that covets the power and wealth of the United States, is in the game to use this epidemic/plandemic to destroy America. In this article the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres explains what a “rare and short window of opportunity” there is to advance the implementation of Agenda 2030 (aka Agenda 21 or sustainable development).

This is classic “the ends justify the means” combined with a liberal dose of “let no crisis go to waste”. To read more charming statements from the Secretary-General click on this link.

The Coronavirus is Exposing Little Tyrants All Over the Country

It is not bad enough to have China, the United Nations, and God know what other country trying to use the pandemic to further weaken the United States from without, many of our own politicians want to pile on, too-of course, all for our own safety.

Their piece of the pie involves continuing to weaken us from within by weakening our Constitution. The article pays special attention to the abuse being heaped upon Americans right to practice their religion freely and the absurdly arbitrary way many governors decided which sections of the economy to micromanage or should we say whose property rights they want to infringe. To read more click on this link.

The Common Roots Of Climate Change And COVID-19 Hysteria

To better understand this article the term “technocracy” needs to be defined. Technocracy is a form of governance where the Elite make the decisions for the People using the data provided by the “experts/ technicians/technocrats”- hence the name “technocracy”. 

Data drives all of the decisions in a technocracy. A perfect example of a technocracy is China; controlled by a very small group of elites with a massive number of technocrats who collect data on all the activities of its corporations and citizens.

But the mother of all technocracies would be created, if the United States is rolled into a One World Government.

The effort to create a One World Government has a number of names including but are not limited to United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century, Sustainable Development, Agenda 2030, Technocracy, and the Green New Deal.

Understanding what a technocracy is and it various synonyms will allow you, when you read this article, to better understand who started the COVID 19 influenza panic, why they started the panic, and how this can globally transform all aspects of our society and liberty by attempting to use COVID 19 to complete the implementation of Agenda 21. To learn the details click on this link.

COVID-19 Projection Models Are Proving to Be Unreliable

Wasn’t an old computer phrase “junk in, junk out”? Well, that pretty much sums up what happens when technocrats with a distinct political agenda masquerade as college professors to provide the data used to predict the outcome of a pandemic. More alarming is the use of this data to shut down the economy. To learn more click on this link.

Scientist Warns of Mini Ice Age as Sun Hibernates During Solar Minimum

Few issues highlight the Extreme Left’s arrogance more than their views on manmade Global Warming. They would have us believe the simplistic explanation Earth is warming because of man’s activity. In reality climate is extremely complicated and driven almost entirely by natural forces, which at times cause long term warming and at other times long term cooling. Hence the existence of ice ages followed by warming periods. To read a much more likely explanation for the fluctuations in our climate click on this link.