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August 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Progressive’s Scheme to Reduce the World’s Population

Charlie Gard parents end legal fight for ‘beautiful’ baby

UK Court Alerts Parents Across the Globe: ‘Your Children Are Actually The State’s’Ezekiel Emmanuel’s Reaper Curve

Americans are dying younger, saving corporations billions

Global Warming Quotes & Climate Change Quotes: Human-Caused Global Warming Advocates/Supporters

Two Hot off of the Press Bonus Articles


The Progressive’s Scheme to Reduce the World’s Population
The Progressives for decades have endlessly warned of the destruction of the planet due to man’s activities.  The fear this engenders causes naïve citizens to trade their freedom and prosperity for supposed protections for the environment. Over time the Progressive bureaucracy ultimately gains greater and greater control over every aspect of these same citizen’s behaviors.

Controlling the behaviors of the 7.4 billion people on the planet today is one tall order. But what if the Progressives could figure out ways to decrease the world’s existing population? Would that not make the micromanagement of the unwashed masses a whole lot easier? Wow, if only the Progressives could think of a series of strategies for reducing the human population on Earth-or perhaps they already have. Continue reading

June 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

Over-arching Reason the Federal Agencies Need Restored/Eliminated

Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

All would agree the Progressives had total charge of the Federal government during the Obama years. Now, thankfully, the Right is being given a spectacularly juicy opportunity to participate in the federal government. Continue reading

May 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Presidential Executive Order on the Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act

Antiquities Act Executive Order-Overwrought Response Disregards Real Risks of Lack of Transparency and Unbridled Presidential Discretion

How the Delphi Technique Is Used to Distort Policy

GREAT NEWS: Interior Department Releases List of Monuments Under Review, Announces First-Ever Formal Public Comment Period for Antiquities Act Monuments


Presidential Executive Order on the Review of Designations Under the Antiquities Act

If you understand sustainable development, you understand its goal is to allow the global elite to control all of the world’s resources (air, water, land,) and people. The day-to-day operations for this grand scheme are to be carried out by hordes of unelected bureaucrats (sometimes called engineers or technocrats).

For this scheme to be realized one of the key goals requires the federalization of most or all private property. This is being done a variety of ways; through the use of conservation easements, the Wildlands Project, and through abuse of the Antiquities Act by our presidents. (For more information on these topics review Lesson 3).

The Antiquities Act, which was passed in 1906, authorizes the president to single-handedly designate any federal public land as a national monument. When used incorrectly, besides tying up resources critical to national security, Continue reading

April 2017 Newsletter

Summary of Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

Flashback – Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy?

Good News: Pentagon Grows, While E.P.A. and State Dept. Shrink in Trump’s Budget

Summary of Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation

Recently the author of this website read Patrick M. Wood’s book, Technocracy Rising, the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, which I cannot too strongly recommend to the reader.  Technocracy Rising provides in detail the 150 years of history leading up to the current crisis in our country which now threatens to permanently destroy our representative government, our religion, our privacy, our property rights, and our very freedom. Woods does a fabulous job of providing the names of the key players and associated organizations behind this awful effort, as well as explaining how and why these seditious players are doing this to America and the globe. Continue reading

March 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

Stop Multiculturalism
I Have a Plan to Destroy America by Richard D. Lamm

Call Out Corruption
Tucker Carlson Takes on Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune
GOP Wants to Eliminate Shadowy DOJ Slush Fund Bankrolling Leftist Groups

Fight the Scam that is Climate Change and the Illusion of Sustainability
Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare
The Hidden Agenda of Sustainability Illusions- A MUST READ!

Good News
Trump Orders EPA Review of “Horrible” Obama Water Decree

We, the conservatives, may have won the election, but we are far from winning the war to save America from the Left. We are indeed in the fight of our life. Each of us must understand how this fight must be fought and our part in that fight. Continue reading

January 2017 Newsletter

Table of Contents

         Catholic Church: New Priests Will be Expected to Preach Global Warming   
         Pray for Care of Creation
         Pope Francis and Religion of Climate Change
         Hope on the Horizon?
Trump’s Cabinet picks signal shift in priorities Fox News!”
         We Cannot Become Complaisant


If America is to restore herself and her place in the World, Obama’s executive orders must be negated, the federal agencies must be eliminated or reformed, and America’s finances and values must be restored. Electing Donald Trump provides hope that at least some of these things will come to pass.
Unfortunately, there are four institutions who will resist with all of their might this reclamation of America; public education (including the universities), Hollywood, the media, and certain churches, the most noteworthy being the Catholic Church. This newsletter will focus heavily on the last of these; the Catholic Church of which, for full disclosure, I am a member.
All of these have a number of things in common. They are powerful, controlled by the Left, and have an immense influence over our children. So much so, if we do not do something to alter these institutions, it is only a matter of time before enough of our children will be of an age to willingly, in their ignorance and naiveté, vote themselves into the hellish world of Socialism-all in the belief it is the only way to save the planet.
Those of us who understand Agenda 21 understand its main goal is to use ruses like Climate Change to redistribute the wealth from rich countries to poor countries and remove and replace elected officials with multiple layers of bureaucrats controlled by powerful and rich elites. In other words, Climate Change has little to do with the environment and everything to do with centralizing wealth and power into the hands of a very few individuals.
Even as the Right gains control of the political process in America, the Catholic Church, with its immense power around the globe, is taking an aggressive stand in favor of MAN-MADE Climate Change. As you read the articles provided, you might ask yourself several questions. Continue reading

December 2016 Agenda 21 Course Newsletter

 Table of Contents

Greenfield: American Uprising

Is Planned Parenthood affiliate fueling anti-Trump protests?

It’s Time to Fight

This Organizations Will Critically Need Support during Trump’s Presidency

Final Thoughts: Why the Resistance Must be Addressed and Your role in it

If You Need a Little Inspiration (a way cool video)

 Greenfield: American Uprising

 It is imperative that we remember we cannot bring America back to her nationalistic, conservative roots without putting the right politicians in the right positions. We cannot strengthen our military, create peace through strength, turn our schools back into places where our kids actually receive a quality education without being indoctrinated into the ideology of the Left, protect our national sovereignty, save Christians from persecution and exclusion, protect the Constitution from destruction, and revive traditional family values unless we put the right politicians in place-and keep them there.

For these reasons the defeat of Hillary Clinton and her Progressive agenda was critical. The victory of Donald Trump along with the continued control of the House and Senate provides perhaps the last chance to stop the transformation of America through the application of the three (perverted) pillars of Agenda 21; environmental (in)justice, economic (in)justice, and social (in)justice. It is imperative that the Trump administration reverse the effects of this horrible ideology.

Please take a moment to reward yourself for all that you did to give America another chance by getting Trump across the finish line. To receive you well-deserved pat on the back, click on this link.

Is Planned Parenthood affiliate fueling anti-Trump protests?

Yes, we have taken control of all branches of the government, but will the will of the People, who have clearly rejected the Obama/Clinton policies, be respected?

 If the Left was not the Left, we could assume when President Obama says he is “instructing his team to make sure there is a peaceful transfer of power to Donald Trump”, indeed that would be the case. However, when organizations on the Left foster, and in many case fund anarchist protests around the country, and Obama does not speak out against it, one is lead to believe in reality Obama has no plans to allow a peaceful transfer.

To add insult to injury, many of these riots are paid for directly or indirectly with your tax dollars and organized by some of the most despicable of the Leftist organizations. To learn more about how organizations like Planned Parenthood are doing their part to interfere with the smooth transition of the Trump presidency click on this link.

Continue reading

November 2016 Newsletter

    Welcome to the Newsletter

I hope you find this monthly newsletter informative. If you have any comments that you would like to share, you may contact me at .

Please note the posts on my website look like they were posted in March of 2013. Without going into excessive detail, in order to keep my lessons, which were posted in March of 2013, at the top of each lesson page, it is necessary to create a “false” posting date for my posts. By clicking on the link within each post you may determine the actual date of each article or video.

November 2016 Newsletter

Table of Contents

History of the Progressive Movement

Deceitful Tactics Used by the Progressives

What are the Tenets of Progressivism?



Do You Really Understand What a Progressive is, their history, their goals, and their tactics? If you cannot answer this question, you cannot intelligently cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. If you read this newsletter, you can get the information you need to vote wisely.
History of the Progressive Movement

The effort to transform America and Europe into the chaotic mess they are today has been “progressing” for well over 100 years. Those who have caused this so-called “progress” are known as Progressives. The following is the short history of Progressivism.

Progressivism was the reform movement that ran from the late 19th century through the first decades of the 20th century, during which leading intellectuals and social reformers in the United States sought to address the economic, political, and cultural questions that had arisen in the context of the rapid changes brought with the Industrial Revolution and the growth of modern capitalism in America. The Progressives believed that these changes marked the end of the old order and required the creation of a new order appropriate for the new industrial age.
Sound pretty good, doesn’t it? But if Progressivism is such a good idea, wouldn’t the American People accept it willingly; without trickery and deceit? Let’s investigate this a bit further. Continue reading

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