Common Core, which once implemented will make the total implementation of Agenda 21 much easier because it will take the rearing of children away from the parents and give it to the government, which can then turn our children into good little global citizens willing to give up their freedom for the collective.

This article shows how in Oregon, where Common Core is being implemented, Oregon’s Department of Education is going to attempt to take control of the child even before it is born and maintain that control until the child enters the workplace. This approach to education is called P20W.

As a former teacher, some of what is said makes sense. However, the question to be asked is how can the government do what it is suggesting in this article without being totally intrusive to the family and also totally dismissive of the family’s right to make its own decisions for how that family chooses to educate its children?  To read more follow this link.

NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with Common Core you may learn more about it by reading Lesson 8 of the website by following this link.

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