Bicycling is no doubt good exercise. The point of the article below is not to demonize bicyclists but to explain how bicycle enthusiasts are being used to advance the Leftist agenda-Agenda 21.

Remember the ultimate goal of Agenda 21/sustainable development/Green New Deal is a One World Order where the Elite gain total control of all human activity. One of the key goals to control human activity is to limit the modes of transportation within the boundaries of metropolitan cities, while restricting travel outside of large metropolitan areas (allowing the areas outside of the cities to re-wild). This means travel by car must be replaced by travel on foot, bicycle, or mass transit.

Eliminating cars in a country, which adores its cars and the freedom to travel independently, is no small feat. It requires the use of many strategies. One of the strategies many legislators are considering is taxing vehicle miles traveled (VMT), which will make drivers think twice before taking the much-beloved road trip.  A second strategy is to make the driving experience as miserable as possible. One way to do this is to encourage bicyclists to tie up lanes on the roads-especially busy roads.  This has an added benefit for the politically driven Progressive.  If enough bicyclists clog the roads, predictably some of them will be injured or killed. These deaths and injuries then create a “health issue” allowing the government to get involved, which then can be lobbied by the Progressives to use our tax dollars to redesign our roads to include dedicated bike lanes.

In other words the Agenda 21-pushing-Progressives create the problem-forcing fast moving automobiles to share finite space with fragile, slow moving bicyclists- so they can achieve what they really want, which is to get the government to spend massive amounts of our tax dollar to help build the infrastructure needed to create One World Order cities.

Who cares (certainly not the Progressives), if it costs a fortune, bicyclists are injured and killed, and ultimately and sadly we voluntarily loss our ability to travel freely around our country.

To take a look at how Smart Growth America does its dirty work, while pretending it has your best interest at heart, click on this link.

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