Editorial on the Condition of America as the Deep State Goes into Scorched Earth Mode

The Deep State has wrung out as much societal change from their social (in)justice and climate (in)justice efforts as they can and it is now time to up the ante. For this the Deep State must remove its mask, change tactics, and create anarchy far and wide.

Make no mistake we are in a fight to the death for the survival of a free and prosperous America.

That The Deep State has for decades been attempting to destroy America, but until now, the efforts have been done in such a way that only the tuned in citizen, like you, understood the true objective. Those times are over. They have said it is important to continue to resist the efforts by the Deep State to use the COVID 19 Plandemic and the death of George Floyd (and all future African American deaths by cop) to advance United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century and the ultimate takeover of the globe, its people, and its wealth.

These two events, COVID 19 and George Floyd, were simply crises, which were too good to be allowed to go to waste-and they have born terrible and evil fruit.

The Deep State has used the COVID 19 Plandemic to further weaken our Constitution. Using the logic that safety is more important than liberty, governors, both Democrat and Republican, undermined our constitutional right to Freedom of Religion, Speech, Assembly, and Property.

COVID 19 has been used to justify contact tracing, which permits surveillance of the average citizen.

The Deep State has used the COVID 19 Plandemic to further damage the already weakened education system.

The Deep State has used the COVID 19 Plandemic to further the lie that not working, while getting “free money” from the government, is a good thing because it allows the citizen to stay at home and “increase their Happiness Index”. In other words, try Socialism, and you’ll like Socialism. The fact this strategy for running a country will destroy our economy is of no import.

The Deep State has used the COVID 19 Plandemic to cause many people to be separated from jobs-many which provided health care. If these citizens do not reconnect with these jobs or others, which do provide health care, this will only increase the drum beat for Universal Health Care.

The Deep State has used the COVID 19 Plandemic to demonstrate just how easy it is to use a health emergency to justify immense cruelty to one of our two most vulnerable (and in the minds of the Left, the most expendable) segments of  society; the elderly. Terrible COVID 19 policies lead to the deaths of thousands of our elderly trapped in nursing homes. Equally evil is the reality that every single senior trapped in those nursing homes was at the mercy of the health care workers in their facilities. They had no access to friends or relatives to act as their health care advocates or just to provide desperately needed solace. It is hard to imagine anything more evil than condemning the elderly, through no fault of their own, to die without their loved ones by their sides. (Ditto for anyone trapped in a hospital setting for non-related COVID 19 health issues-to which I can personally attest).

And then there is the obvious hit to a once-booming economy causing immense financial destruction and personal tragedy to those deemed “non-essential workers”.


The over-reaction and inept handling of the virus by politicians and health care technocrats is what should have started riots in the streets.

Instead the Deep State using George Floyd’s death created the riots in the streets. Like a fat, evil spider the Deep State sat in wait for a situation like the one provided by George Floyd’s death to continue to damage our economy and society, destroy law and order, create an even tighter lock-down on freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, all while sowing ever-deepening divisions between races with the ultimate goal of total anarchy in the streets and the take down of America.

We are now a society dangling over a cliff. Whether we fall will be decided by which side, the good or the evil, will stand.


The only thing that makes sense is the Deep State is terrified of the reelection of Donald J. Trump.

Can you imagine a Donald Trump reelected in 2020 with no constraints because he does not need to worry about being reelected in 2024. He will be truly free to create policy without worrying over much about its political ramifications.

There is no way the Deep State can afford to take any chances Trump will be reelected. They must secure the minority vote, destroy the once-booming Trump economy, and create enough chaos to cause Trump to make a misstep.


The solution is we must stand firm by saying Black Lives Matter BECAUSE All Lives Matter.

We must not allow any segment of our society to have greater protection under the law than other segments.

We must not bow down to anyone but God and to Him we must pray for guidance and deliverance.

We must put pressure on the Republican Party to push back against COVID 19 policies, if they do not take into account what those policies do to the economy.

We must also put pressure on the Republican Party to push back against and prosecute the various entities (Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc), who are funding and orchestrating the riots and causing seditious anarchy in our streets.

We must proudly present America for the land of opportunity it has always been. It is up to us, the citizen, to counter the lies branding America as racist from inception and always on the wrong side of history.

 We must support in any way we can the reelection of Donald J. Trump; donate, go to Trump rally’s, talk to our neighbors, family, and friends, put up yard signs, bumper stickers, and vote Trump.

Finally no matter what, we must not be afraid to speak the truth. It is bad enough the Left wants to censor us. It is even worse, if we self-censor. To do so is to be complicit in the effort to destroy America.

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