EPA repeals 2015 Rule Defining “Waters of the United States”

To advance United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century/Agenda 2030/Green New Deal and to implement socialism it is critical to prevent private property ownership for all (except the elite). Regulations, which require no action by Congress, are one of the favorite ways to accomplish this.

The Obama Administration in 2015 expanded the 1972 Clean Water Act by adding to it the “Waters of the United States” rule (WOTUS). The Waters of the United States rule greatly expanded the amount of land which would fall under the control of the EPA. For example under these rules even small depressions, which held water only for a short period of time, could be regulated. Worse, the area around the “mud puddle” would also be regulated.

To read how this bad set of rules is being over turned and replaced, click on this link.

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