EPA to Regulate Water Vapor Emissions

If there was ever any doubt as to whether Agenda 21 is a total scam and/or the people who are running it are crazier than a mad hatter, this article should put both of those doubts to rest.

At a news conference in Washington today (Sept 1, 2013), President Obama announced that he is directing the Environmental Protection Agency to act immediately to enforce a new set of regulations to limit emissions of dihydrogen oxide gas, or water vapor, one of the primary causes of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change.

“The world faces a crisis,” the president intoned, “and America must lead. We have taken the first step by limiting carbon emissions, but that cannot be effective unless we deal with the larger menace posed by dihydrogen oxide pollution as well. Since Congress has failed in its duty to pass the required laws, I, as president, am directing the EPA to move unilaterally to issue and enforce appropriate regulations.”

If you think that regulating water vapor is crazy (and it is!), and calling water vapor dihydrogen oxide is crazy (and it is), you need to read the rest of this article to read some REALLY crazy comments (and they are!) about these new fast approaching regulations.   link

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