EPA’s Scott Pruitt drains the swamp like no one else in Washington

Remember that while the1992 treaty Agenda for the 21st Century was never ratified by the Senate, its principles of economic, environmental, and social justice were embedded into every federal agency through the efforts of the Clinton administration. The result was rogue agencies where the bureaucrats in these agencies became unanswerable to the People. These agencies instead were mandated to do whatever was necessary to transform America into a socialist country un-tethered from its founding values and principles. This required the agencies to ignore the facts and to find “experts” who, after being bribed with federal grants, would reach consensus to whatever statements advanced social, economic, and/or environmental justice goals.

Imagine the fear felt by those in the EPA when Scott Pruitt, with a clear goal to reform the EPA by requiring it to use facts and the scientific method instead of consensus, became head of the EPA. To read more about the EPA’s painful journey towards reform, click on this link.

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