Free Monthly Webinar to Teach Activists How to Fight Agenda 21

It is hoped that you are familiar with the name of Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center. He has been for a very long time leading the fight against Agenda 21 and is considered one of the foremost experts on the subject. All that said, Tom DeWeese is hosting a series of free monthly Webinars to teach activists how to fight Agenda 21. The first Stop Agenda 21 Webinar is scheduled for Sunday, June 8th at 6:00pm EST. Please follow this link and use the very easy sign up form that will allow you to take advantage of this opportunity.

The first webinar will  introduce Agenda 21. From there, each month Tom will go into more detail about the issue and the tactics necessary to fight. Tom will explain the documents that directly tie the American Planning Association and government programs to Agenda 21–the documents our opponents refuse to acknowledge.

Additionally, Tom will bring in experts from the field, like Mike Coffman (one of the most knowledgeable about the history of Agenda 21) and Mike Chapman (one of the best experts in the nation on the ties to Agenda 21 and the education curriculum). Tom will cover Common Core and Smart Meters and will bring in elected officials who have been successful in blocking Agenda 21 policies, including Carroll County, Maryland Commissioner Richard Rothschild. He will also make the Agenda 21 ties to Obamacare. Finally, he is going to bring in some of the victims of these policies (which the Sustainabilists deny exist) like farmer Martha Boneta and Jennie Granato (who had her property destroyed by a bike lane through her front yard).

At the end of each webinar, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions.

It’s all Free. All you have to do is sign up on our web site:

Now is the time to Stop Agenda 21 and restore American Freedom!

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