Good news for Northeastern Ohio!

Good news for Northeastern Ohio!
Our Lorain County Township Trustees stood with us, the People tonight (March 20th, 2014). At the monthly meeting of their organization, LCTA, a vote was brought to the floor about supporting the NEOSCC Vibrant 2040 regional plan. After much discussion including input from Trustee Lynch and Trustee Leimbach, the LCTA members voted unanimously AGAINST the Vibrant 2040 Plan.

Lynch and Leimbach both had attended the presentation titled, “Public Concerns about NEOSCC Vibrant 2040 Plan”. This presentation was made on January 28, 2014, at the Amherst Township Trustee meeting by Dr. Beverly Goldstein and Kirsten Hill. Leimbach was the lone local elected official who also attended the Citizens’ forum vs. Regionalism in Independence last summer/fall.

Trustee Heidegger is the representative who will carry this NO vote message back to NEOSCC board meeting in Akron on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

This is a tiny step in the right direction pushing back against the $4.25 million sustainable development push in Northeastern Ohio. Next quest: Can this Vibrant 2040 plan be stopped on Tuesday February 25th, 2014 at the NEOSCC (an NGO) board meeting when representatives from all 12 NEO counties come together to vote?

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