Government Mismanagement Causes Water Crisis

It is likely that you have heard about the extreme drought in California. It is also likely you have been led to believe that it was unavoidable. After all you just can’t make it rain. While that part is correct, I doubt you have been told the part where, in advance of the drought, reservoirs of water were deliberately allowed to be drawn down to dangerously low levels.

It stretches credulity to believe that those in decision-making positions were incapable of imagining that California could, at any time, go into a drought situation. It is much easier to believe this was an orchestrated series of decisions designed to force farmers and others, who rely on adequate water to maintain their livelihoods, off of their land. It is not like this is the first time that California’s decision makers have used water to clear the land. Remember the EPA used the endangered Delta Smelt to destroy the agriculture community in the San Joaquin Valley in 2009. To learn more about this more recent destruction of wealth and loss of property rights watch this five-minute video by clicking on this link.

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