How California Went Dry (aka Demonizing Farmers)

Everyone knows the old adage, “divide and conquer”.  I am also sure that you are aware that currently our society is being manipulated in such a way as to create massive divisions; blacks against whites, gays against straights, women against men, endangered species against man, and on and on. This article provides information explaining how the drought in California has been made worse by bad policies. That is likely not news to you.

What I ask you to do, as you read the article and listen to the video, is notice how the farmers are being asked to grow their crops with less and less water, and how the farmers are being criticized for using more than “their share” of the water. This in spite of the fact that the food the farmers grow provides much of the food the citizens of California eat. If the farmer is only allowed water as if he were just a “normal household”, there may be a bit more water per household available, but those same folks in those normal households will have no food to eat.

Scarcity of food will be the very tangible outcome of pitting farmer against non-farmer and is a recipe for disaster. However, if the goals of the Progressives are to destroy property rights, force country folks into town, and create a hungry, desperate, divided population; this ought to get the job done.

Please read this article for yourself to gather more details on the cause of California’s drought and to determine for yourself if a new division involving farmers is being forwarded by clicking on this link.

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