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Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

Over-arching Reason the Federal Agencies Need Restored/Eliminated

Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!

All would agree the Progressives had total charge of the Federal government during the Obama years. Now, thankfully, the Right is being given a spectacularly juicy opportunity to participate in the federal government.

How many times have you thought, if only we could eliminate the IRS, the EPA, the Department of Education, etc.? Well, now is your chance to tell D.C. those very things.

If you go to the link provided you will see Nick Mulvaney, director of Office of Management and Budget, who will explain the federal government’s desire to have us help decide which agencies need reformed and which eliminated. Below that are boxes. The boxes at the top allow you to select an agency you want reformed. The boxes at the middle allow you to select an agency you wish eliminated. Further below is a box that allows you to a select a reason you feel this way. Finally at the very bottom are blanks to provide your contact information.

Things you must know.
You may only choose one agency to resform and one agency to eliminate at a time. If you want to reform or eliminate more than one agency you must fill out the complete form for the one agency you wish to reform and the one you want to eliminate, hit “send”, and then hit “refresh” to get the page back to choose more agencies.

If you only want to reform one agency or only want to eliminate one agency, you must click “none” as your choice in the other box you did not want to select. This is also true if you wish to ignore the box labelled “Select Other Agencies, Boards and Commissions”


At the bottom of this page is the explanation I provided and inserted each time into the box labeled “Please share your idea, including the proposal and benefits. If necessary, you may include a link to a more detailed report or additional information.”

This explanation provides the over-reaching reasons for why the agencies need, at the least reformed, and in many cases eliminated. Feel free to cut and paste or modify this information.

Here is the valuable link to Reorganizing the Executive Branch: We Need Your Input!    Go get ‘em, guys. Make George Washington proud!

Over-arching Reasons the Federal Agencies Need Restore/Eliminated

The unaccountable, unelected personnel in the federal agencies have usurped the power delegated to the three ELECTED branches of government. Instead of being servants of the People,  ALL of the Federal Agencies have been co-opted by the Progressive Left to use social justice/diversity, economic justice/redistribution of wealth, and environmental justice/the Climate Change scheme to destroy America’s culture, rule of law, and economy. The end result is to be an America that is just another financially and culturally bankrupt Socialist country, which can be blended in with all the other Socialist countries, all of whom will be run by the UNELECTED Elite and layers of UNELECTED bureaucrat toadies.

To understand how the federal agencies have been allowed in many cases to weld more power that the three elected branches of government you must understand the effect of a far-reaching 1992 treaty called Agenda for the 21st Century. Agenda for the 21st Century was never ratified by the Senate. However, by going through the back door, and with the help of the United Nations, all the tenets of the treaty were still implemented. Even worse Agenda for the 21st Century paved the way for many more harmful environmental documents, not the least of which was the Paris agreement.

So how did a non-ratified treaty still get implemented?

In 1992 at the Rio Summit in Rio de Janeiro President George H.W. Bush, along with 177 leaders of other countries, signed agreement to the 300 page treaty called Agenda for the 21st Century, which is often called sustainable development. Since the Senate refused to ratify it, one year later newly elected President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12852 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. This council contained 12 cabinet secretaries. Six of them belonged to the Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, the World Resources Institute, or the National Wildlife Federation. These same non-governmental organizations had worked directly with the United Nations to craft Agenda 21, and now were in a key position to place Agenda 21 policies into every single agency in the U.S. Federal Government. These policies embedded social justice, economic justice, and environmental justice into every single federal agency.

This means that for the last 25 years EVERY federal agency, the Dept. of Education, the Dept. of Homeland Security, the EPA, all of them have been mandated to use social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice as an excuse

…to keep the borders open in order to destroy our national sovereignty and national security.

…to create a global educations system, Common Core, not to educate our children, but to indoctrinate them to be good “global citizens” uncomfortable with their own culture and totally lacking in a strong educational foundation on which to build strong, self-sufficient futures free of government support.

…to use minority status/diversity/social justice to allow minorities to gain greater protection under the law, an endless stream of freebees guaranteed to make them more and more dependent on big government, and to hatch social engineering schemes like the Affirmatively Forwarding Fair Housing Act, which is guaranteed to take control of local zoning from the locals and give it to the federal government.

…to create an endless stream of freedom-sucking, economy-destroying, property-rights- stealing environment regulations.
…to  maximize the transfer of more and more land out of the hands of private citizens and under the control of the federal government and NGO’s like the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, etc..  When private property rights are diminished, as stated in the Economic Freedom of the World 2016 Annual Report done by the Frasier Institute, economic prosperity within a nation is also diminished. A nation without economic prosperity and strong private property rights will not be able to provide jobs for its citizens causing a greater reliance on big government to provide their needs.

…to create federally subsidized alternative energy schemes-many of which go bankrupt. This increases our deficit, while putting historically inexpensive fossil fuels companies at an unfair advantage with the subsidized alternative energy projects. This situation, as Barrack Obama said “would out of necessity cause electric costs to skyrocket.” Obama’s administration hoped to create expensive energy, weaken our economy, and ultimately make America less of a power in the world. Only with the advent of fracking was America able to keep energy from skyrocketing. Left to their own devices, it is likely the federal agencies will continue to attempt to figure a new way to increase the cost/unit of energy.

…to sic the IRS on Tea Party groups in an attempt to deny them their freedom of speech. Without the ability to speak freely the Tea Party was unable or too afraid to educate the public on important topics like Agenda 21.

These are only a few of the ways the embedding of Agenda 21 policies into our unaccountable and unelected federal agencies have, since 1992, been destroying the fabric of a free, lawful, and prosperous America inhabited by gainfully employed self-sufficient citizens. These example make it clear that ONLY, IF THE AGENCIES ARE REFORMED AND/OR ELIMINATED, WILL AMERICA HAVE A CHANCE OF BEING RESTORED TO HER FORMER POWER AND FUNCTIONALITY.


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