Kris Anne Hall: Why are the Bundy’s fighting for the Hammonds.

The goal of the Wildlands Project is to remove the citizens of America from the rural lands leaving the majority of the land for the sole use of the wild animals. Currently, the federal government owns more than half of the land in a dozen of our Western states, and is attempting to establish control over more in order to create massive belts of land extending from Mexico north up into Canada and Alaska for the sole use of wildlife. One way to justify the taking of more land is through the creation of, or extension of, national parks. Surely this is a reasonable and more importantly a legal thing for our federal government to do. After all, none of us grew up in a time when national parks did not exist. It is almost unimaginable that their existence could be challenged-or is it?

Please watch this fabulous video by Kris Anne Hall, constitutional lawyer, to learn the reality of the constitutional limits placed on the federal government in regards to land ownership. To watch this video, please click on this link.



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