March 09 EPA Strategy-EPA Internal Memo on Getting America to Accept Climate Change

This five year old EPA internal memo makes it clear the EPA in 2009 knew the public was either unconvinced of the “reality” of Global Warming or unconcerned about its impact.  Using this as the starting point in this article, the EPA then set out to explain their strategies to get the minds of the American people right.

Acknowledging that the use of the Polar Bear and melting ice sheets was no longer an effective emotional ploy, the EPA outlined a number of strategies to spread the message of global warming. These include “using the trades (i.e. unions) and environmental reporters” to spread the message,  increase the amount of media exposure by reaching out to media members that serve the minority communities, and upping the level of environmental terror foisted on the citizen by linking environmental justice issues to the health of the citizen and their children. If only the left, instead of regulating us to death, strategized so aggressively in order to maintain our freedoms. To read more click on this link.


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