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November 2016 Newsletter

Table of Contents

History of the Progressive Movement

Deceitful Tactics Used by the Progressives

What are the Tenets of Progressivism?



Do You Really Understand What a Progressive is, their history, their goals, and their tactics? If you cannot answer this question, you cannot intelligently cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. If you read this newsletter, you can get the information you need to vote wisely.
History of the Progressive Movement

The effort to transform America and Europe into the chaotic mess they are today has been “progressing” for well over 100 years. Those who have caused this so-called “progress” are known as Progressives. The following is the short history of Progressivism.

Progressivism was the reform movement that ran from the late 19th century through the first decades of the 20th century, during which leading intellectuals and social reformers in the United States sought to address the economic, political, and cultural questions that had arisen in the context of the rapid changes brought with the Industrial Revolution and the growth of modern capitalism in America. The Progressives believed that these changes marked the end of the old order and required the creation of a new order appropriate for the new industrial age.
Sound pretty good, doesn’t it? But if Progressivism is such a good idea, wouldn’t the American People accept it willingly; without trickery and deceit? Let’s investigate this a bit further.

Deceitful Tactics Used by the Progressives

The Progressives favorite strategies for the advancement of their policies are those found in Rules for Radicals written by Saul Alinski; the same Saul Alinsky about whom Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis. These Progressive strategies include

1.      …”overwhelming their enemies’ systems”. The Progressives throw so much at their adversaries that their adversaries literally are so bogged down they cannot function.
2.    …”controlling the message”. This means never give press conferences-only give infrequent scripted speeches where questions are not allowed or if forced to admit something which makes the Progressive look bad, put it out late in the news cycle on Friday, etc.,)
3.     … total demonization of their opponents, even if the Progressives have to lie or cheat to do so. This causes the citizens receiving this negative information to engage their emotions, while shutting down their logical thinking. In this way the citizens learn to hate (a powerful emotion) whomever the Progressives are attempting to smear, instead of stepping back and looking to see if the “evidence” is true or if the citizen is simply being distracted from other issues which have a much greater significance to the citizens’ lives.
4.    … “the ends justify the means”. This means it does not matter how unethical or illegal are the tactics, as long as the Progressives are successful.
5.     …”never let a crisis go to waste”. This means take advantage of an existing crisis or create a crisis, and then swoop in and present a pre-planned solution which coincidentally moves the country/globe a bit further down the path towards control of the globe by the elite and the loss of liberty for the citizens.

If one is paying any attention to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, one should easily recognize these strategies have been used over and over again. That is because Hillary is a self-proclaimed Progressive.

The Democrat Party of today is nothing like the Democrat Party of 30 years ago because today’s Democrat Party has been replaced by the Progressive Party. This explains why today’s so-called Democrat Party uses Progressive/Saul Alinsky tactics and works in lock-step with Progressive Hillary Clinton in all matters. However, in an effort to “control the message” the Progressives have chosen to NOT come out of the closet and make the official announcement that the Democratic Party is dead. The Progressives have conned the American public using a bait and switch tactic. When is today’s Democrat Party going to come clean and officially re-label themselves the “Progressive Party” so the average citizen is made aware of this and can rethink what this “new” party stands for?

You must know what a party stands for. You cannot cast your vote on whether you “like” the candidate. You are not inviting him/her to dinner. You can dislike a candidate because you do not like the principles upon which he/she will be building their policies. That said do YOU know what the “Progressive Party” stands for? Or do you just have some fuzzy, feel-good sense that their policies seem “nice”? Not good enough. If Hillary Clinton is elected, you will be exposed to a rapid acceleration of Progressive policies in America.

What are the Tenets of Progressivism?

A Progressive

1.…does not believe men are born free. Freedom is a gift of the state (aka government).

Keep in mind if the government gives you freedom, government can just as easily take it away. This is also why the Progressives believe the Constitution, which guarantees you certain inalienable rights must be abandoned.

2.…believes in unlimited government, which means the government is responsible for creating institutions and programs allowing individuals to realize their potential.

Think “free” college tuition. One might ask where all this “free” money will come from, and don’t say the rich. The rich do not have enough money to fund all of these “free” programs-even if you took it all. Watch out middle class. Big government is coming for you.

3.…believes the citizen does not need to be represented by elected officials or political parties. Instead there would be a centralized (can you say “global”) government run by unelected bureaucrats.

If you do not like how things are working, how do you get rid of an unelected bureaucrat? You certainly can’t unelect him!

4….rejects religion in lieu of “spirituality” and replaces the worship of a God with worship of the environment and personal creativity.

This eliminates any of the moral teachings of the bible and elsewhere. Without moral teachings, we become an immoral society and the rule of law goes out of the window.

5…does not believe in the private sector/private property. Progressives believe private property represents selfishness and oppression.

Yet without property rights the citizen cannot be self-sufficient and will be totally dependent on the “generosity” of the government. What the government gives, the government can take away-especially if you do not go along with its ideology.

6…believes in redistribution of resources/wealth, anti-trust laws, open borders, and government control over the details of commerce and production: i.e., dictating at what prices things must be sold, methods of manufacture, government participation in the banking system, in order to protect the poor and other victims of capitalism.

These policies will destroy capitalism and replace it with of Socialism. Think Venezuela. Again we need to ask where the money is coming from to “uplift” the poor and how strangling the market place is a good thing?

7….believes in nation-building, regardless of whether it will make the America safer.
Think about the mess the Obama administration has made in the Middle East with all of its interference and how that has made America less safe.

8…believes in turning power over to multinational organizations like the League of Nations in the last century, and now the United Nations.

This requires the United States to give up its sovereignty, become subservient to foreign control, and lose control of our destiny.


Are these really your values? If so, God help our nation. If not, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton. She IS a Progressive, these are her values, and, if she is elected, they will define your life and that of your children.

Much of this information came from a wonderful article, The Progressive Movement and the Transformation of American Politics, which compared and contrasted constitutionalism, progressivism, and liberalism and provided the history of each. I cannot emphasize enough the value of reading this article in its entirety. Since it is a fairly long article, in paring it down as I have done, I have tried to maintain the integrity of the information. But only by reading it in its entirety will you be sure I have stayed true to its meanings. I certainly am unable in paring it down to provide all of the nuances. Reading for yourself will guarantee that you are exposed to all of the information, with all of the nuances intact.

To read this excellent article, please click on this link.

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