November 2018 Newsletter

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     Understanding Agenda 21 and the Goals and Tactics used by the Progressives

     Trump administration finalizes birth control opt-out policy

      California’s Paradise Lost

The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress

President Donald J. Trump Is Upholding the Rule of Law and Ensuring Consequences for Those Who Illegally Cross Our Border

The Humanitarian Hoax of Collectivism

Inspirational: Garbage collector pulls 93-year-old in truck to save her from California Camp Fire

 Understanding Agenda 21 and the Goals and Tactics of the Progressives
The goal of the 1992 United Nations Agenda for the 21st Century treaty (also called Agenda 21, sustainable development, or Agenda 2030) is to control all of the human behaviors of all the humans across the globe. To accomplish this the Progressives on the Left (and Right) for a hundred years have been  creating ways to control what you do, how you do it, where you go, how you get there, what you think, what you say, where you live, how many children you have, and on and on.

The three primary tools used to accomplish this are called the 3 E’s; social justice (identity politics, political correctness), economic justice (socialism and communism), and environmental justice (Global Warming/Climate Change and other environmental issues).

For the Progressives to fully implement Agenda 21 and gain control over mankind they must destroy our traditional Judeo Christian values, our legal system and law and order, capitalism, the Constitution, private property rights, eliminate all elected officials, dummy down and indoctrinate our citizen through the use of the media and our education system, elevate animal rights while creating a disdain for human life, destroy our sovereignty, and establish regulation-rich “human settlements” (super dense urban living on a massive scale where transportation is limited to bicycles, mass transit, and walking-unless you are one of the elite). Our current city planners are using this model, called Smart Growth, to create the human settlements of the future. Today some citizens embrace the trendy nature of this model. However, eventually through regulation and eventually force everyone will be packed and stacked in an environment that does not allow self-sufficiency but allows easy control of the People by the unelected bureaucrats and their elitist controllers. Meanwhile the majority of America will be returned to nature completing the Wildlands Project.

Many of the things listed in the previous paragraph are well on their way to being complete. This is why in America our only hope is that our President, Congress, and citizenry understands the dangers and are willing to fight to advance policies which restore America to its former values.

Trump administration finalizes birth control opt-out policy
On November 7, 2018 President Trump finalized a policy change which will help bolster America’s traditional Judeo-Christian values by allowing some employers with religious or moral objections to opt out of providing no-cost birth control for female workers. To read more about this policy change click on this link.

California’s Paradise Lost
When Progressive politicians use forest fires to politicize Global Warming, while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge the importance of proper forest management, they put the lives and property of their citizens at risk, while destroying wildlife and its habitat (Hummm, were not the Progressives pro environment?). To read why President Trump is absolutely correct to withhold federal disaster money from California click on this link.

The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress
For the Progressives to take over control of America, the Progressives must transfer control from the elected official to the unelected bureaucrat. This short article does a great job of highlighting the how’s and why’s of the takeover of the government by the bureaucracy. Further, the article discusses a potential legislative fix (the REINS Act), which was first forwarded in 2011 and most recently resubmitted early last (2017) spring to Congress, where it passed the House, but failed in the Senate. For this bill to pass, we must be aware of its existence and lobby our legislators to pass it. To learn more click on this link.

President Donald J. Trump Is Upholding the Rule of Law and Ensuring Consequences for Those Who Illegally Cross our Border
An absolute must, if America is to be destroyed by the Progressives, is the loss of our sovereignty. That is what is in play when illegal immigrants are used as political pawns by the Progressives. Read about President Trump’s latest efforts to stem the flow of illegals across our southern border by clicking on this link.

The Humanitarian Hoax of Collectivism
If you wish to read a very well crafted article, which will walk you through the past sixty years of insidious Progressivism allowing you to see how America has been brought to such a sorry state, please click on this link.

Garbage collector pulls 93-year-old in truck to save her from California Camp Fire
In a world that seems way too full of radicals and their useful idiots, it’s a pleasure to read about truly good people doing truly good things. Please also note, in a world where white men are demonized, this story proves it is ridiculous to use skin color as a determiner of behavior in order to advance a social justice narrative (I know, isn’t it ridiculous I have to even say that!). To read this lovely story click on this link.

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