Obama Climate Hub Plan Will Help Destroy Small American Farms and Ranches

Even though there is much evidence to prove that Global Warming is a hoax, and that climate change is a natural occurrence of nature, which means that it is next to impossible to know if man plays a role in climate change, Obama and his leftists continue full speed ahead by creating Climate Change hubs all across America.

This article does a very nice job of explaining the true purpose of the Obama Climate Change Hubs as simply “another power grab by the federal government to exercise control over farmers and ranchers”. The likely outcome is to put the small farmer out of business leaving the track clear for the large corporations who deal in food production. Remember it is much easier for the government to take control over a few large corporations than millions of small family farms. To learn more follow this link.

One more point. This article provides a map of the locations of the Climate Change Hubs. Might these hubs simply be the first evidence that the regionalization of America has begun in earnest?

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