Ohio bill would limit unelected officials from taking private land for recreational trails

All across America unelected bureaucrats are using eminent domain to take land from our citizens in order to build recreational trails/bike paths. For a clear and concise list why this is so terribly wrong for the property owners, taxpayers and our Constitution, read Mahoning County farmers fight eminent domain for bike trail.

Fortunately for property-rights-loving citizens in Ohio, State Representatives Don Manning, R-New Middletown, and Steve Hambley, R-Brunswick have introduced House Bill 476, which would restrict unelected government officials from using eminent domain to take private property. The solution would give property owners the right to involve their ELECTED officials in the final decision making process, which should ALWAYS be the case.

If you live in Ohio please put some wind at the backs of these fine men by sending them a support email or phone call. If you do not live in Ohio, you might want to educate your state legislator by sending this article to them.

To read the entire article, click on this link.

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