“One Page” How To Stop Agenda 21

STEP 1: EDUCATE YOURSELF! And tell others about Agenda 21. However, when you discuss Agenda 21, you must be prepared for questions. If you do not have answers, or you answer poorly or incorrectly, you may actually do more harm than good. Below are several good websites to visit.

Name of Organization Website Founder
www.agenda21course.com “Yours truly”
American Policy Center www.americanpolicy.org Tom DeWeese
Post Sustainability Institute www.Democratsagainstunagenda21.com Rosa Koire
www.americadontforget.com Karen Bracken
Alliance for Citizens Rights www.keepourrights.org Don Casey
www.FreedomAdvocates.org Michael Shaw, President


Virtually every interaction is an opportunity to educate the folks about Agenda 21. Talk to your friends, family, teachers, and minister. Only if we get the general public up to speed, can we make them aware of how the Sustainablists are selling them a bill of goods.


A. You might make an appointment with your state rep. or senator. Bring along other constituents, if possible, and some Agenda 21 literature. Many politicians are totally unaware of Agenda 21. I might suggest you go “light” on the United Nations, and “heavy” on the need to protect our property rights. After all, the United Nations cannot win unless they steal our property.

B. Select a level of government (county, city, school district, etc.) and begin going to their meetings. If you have done step 1 properly, it will not take you to long to see Agenda 21 policies surfacing. Once you I.D. where Agenda 21 is happening, you will need to design a plan of action.                                                       

               a. In the schools watch for basic curriculum being watered down/reduced to make room for classes that foster diversity, population control, and environmental/social/economic justice-all designed to create good global citizens, who are clueless of their individual constitutional God given rights. Even watch the lunch programs to see if there is an attempt to discourage meat being eaten.

                  b. At the county and city level look for Public/Private/Partnerships being run by unelected officials that are mixing your tax dollars with private funds to choose which businesses are  “allowed’’ into the community. These are getting more common, but are not a free market tool.  

                 c. Find out if your city has a Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

You probably do, as the federal gov’t has made it really hard to get certain types of grants/bribes without one. If you have a city with rural areas included, see if you have policies in place to stop/minimize development of the rural lands. This is Agenda 21!  

If your community starts a “Visioning Process/Consensus Meeting” (i.e. A process to supposedly allow the community to help guide the development of your community.) on your Comprehensive Land Use Plan, I suggest you go to the “americadon’tfortget.com” website listed above, and watch Henry Lamb’s 3 part video on Confronting Agenda 21. Otherwise, your City Planners will guide you to the vision they want for your city.

                          d. Keep an eye on any regional governments in your area. Regional gov’ts have a larger city inviting smaller contiguous gov’t entities to join them (said the spider to the fly) and are controlled by unelected boards. Further, the big city is the dog, not the tail, and has the ability to decide who gets the lion’s share of the funds/grants, and, given that most big cities are run by liberals, they may feel comfortable redistributing the wealth of the suburbs back to the inner city.

e.  You may not be aware of it, but it is likely, at least here in Ohio, that your county has a (Fill In The Name of Your County)Soil and Water Conservation District. This is yet another branch of government which is using your tax dollars to buy Conservation Easement, Heritage Farms, etc. Conservation Districts hold in-house elections to fill their boards. This makes it much easier to get onto one of these boards where you can begin to educate and/or block this type of land acquisition (See Lesson 3 and Conservation Easement supplemental article).

OTHER IDEAS INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO… Write letters to the editor, or e-mails to your contacts, or even running for office yourself. You CAN do this-just put one foot in front of the other and get’er done!

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