Operation Choke Point

The Left is weaponizing the federal government in order to further the transformation of American business. 

Have you heard of Operation Choke Point? If the Department of Justice and Eric Holder had their way you never would have. You have likely heard of the consequences of Operation Choke Point if you heard about a strong effort to eliminate pay-day lenders or if you heard of gun store owners/dealers who were being denied credit from their banks or third-party lenders like PayPal.

Operation Choke Hold is a 2013-behind-closed-doors-let’s-not-bother-the-Congress-even-though-we-should effort to get the FDIC and other federal agencies to “cleanse” the business community of those businesses the Left finds unacceptable. Never mind that in many of the cases, these industries did nothing illegal.

To learn more about Operation Choke Point click on this link.

There is a bill, Senate Bill 477, the Firearms Manufacturers and Dealers Protection Act of 2015, making its way to the floor of the United States Senate in the near future (best guess in April or May of 2015). This bill would try to prevent any more citizens working in the firearms industry from being unfairly targeted by Operation Choke Point. It would be lovely if you would consider calling your Senator to alert him to the existence of this bill and ask him to support this bill. To learn more about this bill click on this link.

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