Power struggle: Green energy versus a grid that’s not ready

What does Obama care and the transportation on the grid of electricity produced by alternative energy have in common?

Those who are paying attention, both on the right and the left, are familiar with Saul Alinsky and his strategy of overwhelming the system in order to create a crisis so that a predetermined solution can then be applied. The Obama care debacle going on right now-not just the website, but the reality that the whole law is flawed-is a case in point. Create a totally unworkable law that puts the entire health care system in a tail spin, then wait until all agree that there must a better way, and voile a single payer system emerges- likely all ready to go complete with a flawlessly run website.

Now consider the ongoing efforts by the left and their extreme environmentalist allies. These folks have been wildly spending your tax dollars for the last 5 years to subsidize anything green-including alternative energy. It is more and more likely, due to the excessive regulations that have been placed on the coal industry, that electricity produced from burning coal will be very expensive. That makes alternative energies that once were not competitive, viable in the market place. These new forms of energy, according to this article, will add “unprecedented levels of stress to a grid designed for the previous century”. The article also makes the point that the technology to make this effort successful does not even exist. But not to worry, mandates are being put on electrical companies to have these new innovations up and running by certain targeted dates. (Wow, if all you had to do to make something happen, like let’s say create a cure for cancer, was to mandate it by a certain date, wouldn’t it be a great world!) One might ask, is this the next manufactured crisis. Destroy our cheap, abundant supply of electrical energy produced by the burning of fossil fuels, and replace it with an unreliable electrical grid powered by unreliable alternative energies. One has to wonder, when this fails, what predetermined solution will be waiting in the wings? One shudders to think. To learn more click on this link.

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