South Carolina Governor sued for importing Muslims

This article is important for many reasons.

First, if the darling of the Republican Party, Nikki Haley, can be sued for abusing the wallets of the citizens in her state, in this case for the cost of importing and maintaining Muslim immigrants, are there not plenty of other governors who can be reprimanded in the same way for this or similar abuses of their citizenry? This is a step in the right direction; accountability for our elected officials

Second, importing Muslims is wildly unpopular with the majority of Americans. Yet Governor Haley continues to advance this effort. How tone deaf to her citizens is she-she who is supposedly one of the “good conservatives” in the Republican Party?

Finally, we know Marco Rubio was a willing partner with the Gang of Eight as they attempted to pass legislation to legalize the many illegal immigrants in America at the time. Rubio currently is trying to distance himself from his previous actions. Yet, Nikki Haley, a governor who supports immigration-a governor whose endorsement is of great value to a Presidential candidate-endorses Rubio. Does Haley’s endorsement signal that Rubio is still a pro-legalization of immigrants candidate? We must hope that is not the case because America’s culture, which has been terrible abused, cannot afford to allow anymore immigrants in who are unwilling to fully assimilate. To read the entire article, click on this link.

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