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Strong Cities Network Plan for Globally Controlled Police

It would be lovely if the Progressives would give up on their rabid efforts to destroy the American citizen’s right to bear arms. Sadly, as this valuable 2015 article shows, the Progressives have doubled-down by launching the Strong Cities Network (SCN). The effort, linked to the United Nations, has two main goals: establishing guidelines for the police and working toward disarming civilians. Included in the article is a plea to call your federal senator and representative to request they do not fund the Strong Cities Network. Please learn more about the SCN by clicking on this link.

Troops Ordered to Kill All American Who Do Not Turn In Guns

This 21 minute video provides clear documentation exposing the United Nations plan to confiscate all guns in America. Just like the Progressives on both sides of the aisle use the environment as the excuse to control the behaviors of American citizens, the Progressives justify the confiscation of all weapons world-wide by saying the only way world peace can be created and maintained is if guns are taken from everyone- except, of course from the United Nations’ troops. But, if the guns are taken from the American people, who will protect the American citizens from the tyranny of the United Nations?

Lest the reader thinks the idea of disarming Americans seems far-fetched, the video shows clear evidence of this very thing occurring in New Orleans immediately after Hurricane Katrina.

To watch this 21 minute video, click on this link.

The “Virtual President” Defends Our Right to Bear Arms

This 7 minute video does a spectacular job of defending our constitutional right as Americans to bear arms. Even if you are in full agreement with the second amendment, please watch this video. The arguments presented are so persuasive that you will want to applaud. You will also want to forward it to your friends and family-especially if they are not pro-gun rights advocates. To watch this video, please click on this link.